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Dog bites are terrifying experiences for anyone who is a victim of them. Not only do they cause injury and, in some cases, permanent damage, but they can be emotionally taxing as well. If you are the victim, our Detroit dog bite lawyers want to help you.

At TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers, we take every injury claim from a dog seriously. Let us provide a free consultation to learn more about your right to full and fair compensation. Call (313) 751-9628 or reach out online to schedule your case evaluation.

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Your Guide to Dog Bites in Detroit

TopDog’s Detroit Dog Bite Lawyers Get Results

Dog bite cases can be complex for many reasons. Victims often face serious losses, while insurance companies will be adamant about reducing what they pay. At TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers, we recognize the complexity of these situations and work very closely with our clients to help them recover the compensation they deserve.

Our Detroit office is located just a few miles from the Detroit Riverwalk, where countless dogs are present. Numerous parks in the area are also often shared by pets and owners. While this is not necessarily a bad thing, all owners are responsible for taking care of their pets, which means ensuring they do not cause harm to others.

When you meet with our Detroit personal injury lawyers, we will discuss your case with you openly and fairly. Our goal is to ensure you receive the money you need to recover from what has happened to you. We are happy to offer a free consultation to determine if you have a case. With millions of dollars recovered by our attorneys over our years of experience, we know how to hold responsible parties accountable for your losses.

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Determining the Worth of Your Dog Bite Case

The value of your dog bite accident is dependent on how you suffered. The dog owner is responsible for the financial losses you incurred, including all medical bills, lost time at work, and any damage to your personal property. In addition to this, we also examine whether you can pursue pain and suffering, emotional distress, or other types of non-economic losses. These losses are often proven based on the evidence in your case.

Our Detroit dog bite attorneys will investigate your case thoroughly to determine what losses you have. From there, you can expect us to hold the insurance company or owner responsible for each of those costs.

James Helm, Personal Injury Lawyer

Where Dog Bite Accidents Happen in Detroit

Dog bites often happen in city parks and dog parks when families have animals that do not get along or there is overstimulation of the dog. Other times, a person may be bitten when they visit another person’s home. Just walking down your street can expose you to the risk of a dog biting you. Our Detroit dog bite attorneys can handle your case no matter where the incident occurred. Always assume you have a case and call us so we can evaluate your rights.

Our Dog Bite Law Practices Fights for Victim’s Rights

In Detroit, all dog owners are responsible for any damages caused by their dogs. If a dog bites a person, and that dog was not provoked in any way by the victim, the owner should be responsible for any incurred losses, such as medical bills and emotional damage. This applies to any situation in which the dog is on public property and any time the victim is on private property lawfully. This includes the dog owner’s home.

There is no law that says that owners get a free pass. Though some states have “one free bite” laws, this is not the case in Michigan. That means that even if the owner had no idea the dog was vicious and the dog had never acted like this before, they are still responsible.

We work with clients who have faced dog bites in all types of accidents, including:

  • In city parks and public property locations
  • In retail locations and other commercially owned properties
  • At dog parks themselves
  • In residential homes
  • On sidewalks

A dog may come running out of a home and bite a person standing on their own property. Or, you may visit a home to deliver mail or to speak to the owner without invitation, and the dog may bite you. Unless there is a posted no trespassing sign, you may have a claim.

Dog bite injuries are often very numerous and can involve a variety of complications for victims. Some of the most serious injuries include:

  • Lacerations and puncture wounds
  • Amputations
  • Traumatic brain injuries if a person hits their head falling to the ground
  • Disfigurement due to scars
  • Infections due to injuries
  • Emotional trauma

The complexity of these types of personal injury cases makes them critical to pursue with the help of a trusted attorney. With our experience, you can depend on TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers to help you through this legal process with confidence.

Avoid Settling with the Insurance Company Too Soon

Most often, dog bite cases are handled by the dog owner’s homeowners insurance policy. However, you should not file a claim until you are confident you know what all of your losses are. Instead, hire our personal injury attorneys in Detroit from our firm to get the legal guidance you need.

What to Do After a Dog Bite

After suffering a dog bite and getting the immediate medical care you need, you have several steps to take. The first is to contact an attorney as soon as possible to start preserving evidence in your case. Write down everything that happened, take photos, and document your recovery thoroughly. This will enable our attorneys to build a strong case.

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Consultat Our Detroit Dog Bite Attorneys for Free Right Now!

TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers is committed to working with you throughout this challenging legal matter. Put us to work for you. Contact a Detroit dog bite lawyer with our firm for a free, no-obligation consultation. Expect us to work hard to prove your case. Call (313) 751-9628 today.

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