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TopDog Law | SEPTA Bus Accident Leaves Multiple Injured

TopDog Law is here to help you receive the compensation you deserve after a SEPTA bus accident or an auto accident.
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TopDog Law | Concussions After A Car Accident

Concussions after a car accident can be hard to determine immediately. In this blog post, we discuss the signs and symptoms of concussions.
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TopDog Law | Sexual Assault in the Workplace

Sexual harassment in the workplace is an unfortunate and common, occurrence. Because it occurs at work, the fear of losing your job or promotion may prevent you from reporting it. But despite what you may believe, there is something you can do about it without negative results. The first step…
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TopDog Law | Why You Need To Have The Right Car Insurance For An Accident

Your auto insurance impacts what compensation you will get if you're in a car accident. Do you have the right auto insurance?
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TopDog Law | How To Win A Slip And Fall Case

Slip and falls are very common, but there are factors that will determine your compensation. TopDog Law discusses what to consider in this post.
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