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What’s Your Case Worth?

Look at the end of the day you wanna know, TopDog, what is my case worth? And if I was in your shoes, I’d wanna know the same thing. I’d be like, yo, just cut to the chase. Tell me what kinda money you’re puttin’ in my pocket here. But here’s the deal. I can’t tell you when you first meet me to tell me about your case what it’s worth. I literally don’t know. The reason why is because the value of your case is heavily, almost entirely dependent, on the medical treatment that you get. So, you need to get diagnostic tests whether that’s an MRI, whether that’s an EMG, whether that’s being evaluated by a orthopedist, whether that’s getting pain management and possibly injections. All of those things are determinants of what your case is worth. So, if you come and ask the first time we meet up or a week or two into your case, you say, yo, TopDog, what’s my case worth? The best answer I can give you is, we gotta get the test results back and see what kinda treatment you get to know what your case is worth.