TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers is a practicing personal injury lawyer in Philadelphia. But someone might ask “what is a personal injury lawyer?” The American Bar Association defines personal injury law as “designed to protect you if you or your property is injured or harmed because of someone else’s act or failure to act… the one who caused the injury or harm compensates the one who suffered the losses.” 

So what kind personal injury can TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers handle? Motor vehicle accidents, medical malpractices, slip and falls, sexual abuse, and wrongful conviction. TopDog also takes on class action suits such as Glen Mills School where much abuse was occurring and Gerber Baby Food where metals and lead were found in the food. 

If you or someone you know needs a personal injury lawyer, TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers is the place to go. Our Philadelphia lawyers are trained to help and get you the compensation you deserve. Call us at 800-215-7211 or send us a message to speak with someone and get a free consultation.

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