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If you’ve lost a family member through the negligence of someone else, you need to reach out to someone who can support you through this difficult time. We truly understand and respect the depth of your grief at TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers.

During times when a life is tragically cut short due to preventable circumstances, the injustice can feel insurmountable. That’s why you need to reach out to a Los Angeles wrongful death lawyer at TopDog Law who will fight for the justice and compensation you deserve.

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Your Guide to Wrongful Death Claims in Los Angeles

TopDog Law’s Los Angeles Wrongful Death
Lawyers Are Here to Help

We are here to navigate the legal process so you can better understand what you’re facing. While dealing with this anguish, you may face the harsh reality of unexpected expenses and the financial burden of losing household income. Know that when dealing with these challenges, your legal rights also deserve protection.

At TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers, our personal injury attorneys in Los Angeles are ready to provide you with a consultation and case evaluation without any obligation. We understand that seeking justice has time constraints under California law – allowing a two-year window. Therefore, contact our office as soon as possible.

How to Find TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

Our office is located at 8124 West Third Street, Suite 201, in Los Angeles, CA 90048. It is situated east of the Beverly Grove neighborhood and just south of Television City. Feel free to contact us at (323) 922-5650.

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Seeking Reliable Legal Advice During Times of Unjust Loss

At TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers, we understand the challenges you are currently going through. We take pride in representing families like yours, who seek accountability and fairness after experiencing an avoidable loss.

Whether you are dealing with the aftermath of an accident caused by safety oversights, acts of violence, medical errors, car collisions, or other forms of negligence or intentional harm, we will provide unwavering guidance and support.

Recognizing the Importance of Seeking Legal Assistance for Wrongful Death Compensation Claims

Trying to wade through California’s laws regarding wrongful death and the broader legal system is both confusing and overwhelming. Therefore, be ready for an uphill climb if you plan to go it alone.

That’s why having an attorney from TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers on your side is extremely valuable. They can skillfully handle the complexities of the law and provide support for a wide range of legal activities.

Have a lawyer to take care of:

  • Meeting filing deadlines. Procedures must be followed diligently to ensure your case is heard.
  • Submitting legal documents accurately. Delays often are the result of errors in filing.
  • Conducting interviews with eyewitnesses. Collaborating with esteemed expert witnesses can help you prove your claim and increase your settlement amount.
  • Gathering evidence, such as records and incident reports, is essential for supporting your case.
  • Identifying all parties in your claim to ensure justice is served.
  • Substantiating all damages incurred due to the incident.
  • Negotiating skillfully with insurance companies. Presenting a case with a strong foundation in negligence and other legal principles.

Our extensive knowledge of state legislation enables us to build a wrongful death case or personal injury claim on your behalf that is both compelling and strong.

Damages for Wrongful Death in California

At TopDogLaw Personal Injury Lawyers, we fully commit to helping our clients pursue the compensation they deserve in wrongful death cases.

Some examples of damages that can be pursued include;

  • Economic Damages – These tangible damages seek to mitigate the consequences directly resulting from the loss, covering areas such as support, inaccessible benefits, funeral expenses, and medical costs associated with the fatal incident.
  • Non-economic Damages – These intangible costs cover losses such as the loss of companionship, love, care, or guidance. They also address the pain and suffering experienced by surviving family members and the overall impact on their quality of life.
  • Punitive Damages – In cases where the defendant’s actions are reckless or intentional, the court may impose additional punitive damages to deter similar behavior in the future.

By examining all potential insurance coverage options and skillful negotiation with adjusters, we are well-prepared to advocate for a possible settlement or court judgment on your behalf.

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Who Can File a Wrongful Death Claim in California?

To file a wrongful death claim in California, you must be a surviving spouse or domestic partner or one of the children who relied on the deceased for at least 50 percent of their financial support.

How Does the Law Distribute the Funds?

In death settlements, damages are distributed equally among beneficiaries. However, a larger portion is typically allocated to surviving spouses and/or children while other parties divide the remaining amount amongst themselves.


Our Dedication to Maximizing Compensation for Wrongful Death

Our team of wrongful death attorneys in California employ various strategies and explore different avenues for coverage to secure the maximum compensation possible for our clients.

We do this by:

  • Conducting thorough investigations into liability and damages to build a strong case
  • Collaborating with a team of medical and financial experts to strengthen the validity of your claim
  • Estimating the potential lifetime earnings and contributions that your loved one would have received
  • Seeking punitive damages in cases involving clear evidence of severe conduct
  • Pursuing liens against the defendant’s estate or assets
  • Advocating assertively during discovery and pretrial proceedings
  • Establishing a reputation for being prepared to go to trial, which puts pressure on the insurers

Assisting You in Your Quest for Fair Compensation - Call Us Now at Top Dog Law Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles

Contact TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers in Los Angeles today to schedule an appointment. Again, it is critical to note that you have a two-year window from the date of your loved one’s passing to file a death claim in Los Angeles. Therefore, reach out now for a consultation and case review.

If you’re going through an emotional period, feel free to reach out to us at (323) 922-5650. We’re here to provide assistance and support when you need it most.

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