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If you are hurt at work, you expect your employer to cover the financial losses you have incurred and help you recover enough to get back on the job. This is due to the protections you have under New York workers’ compensation laws.

However, if you do not receive proper benefits or fair treatment following your work injury, the Bronx workers’ comp lawyers at TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers are ready to help hold insurance companies accountable.

Please do not wait to contact our attorneys for the legal insight and support you need in these difficult situations. Call (516) 788-8852 to set up your free consultation.

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Your Guide to Workers’ Comp in Bronx

Why Choose TopDog Law’s Bronx Workers’ Comp Lawyers?

You can depend on having skilled legal representation from the moment you visit our offices near the corner of East Gun Road and Bronxwood Avenue until we help recover the comprehensive compensation owed to you. Throughout our history, we have helped clients hold employers accountable for the losses they have incurred through injuries on the job, and that means we will work diligently to pursue fair compensation in your case.

We understand our client’s rights under the state’s workers’ compensation laws and know what you face if you do not get the financial help you need. If you suffered an injury on the job, especially through no fault of your own, you do not deserve to deal with a system that does not provide you with the support you need.

We fight to protect your rights. Our workers’ compensation lawyers in the Bronx handle the insurance companies on your behalf, so you never have to deal with their unfair treatment or aggressive actions. Contact us for a free consultation now. Let us help you learn what your rights are.

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How Much Is Your Workers’ Compensation Case in the Bronx Worth?

Under the state’s laws, a worker who is unable to work due to an employment-related injury or illness should receive compensation for their losses. Though there are various rules related to what you will receive, our workers’ compensation attorneys in the Bronx will work closely with you to ensure you know exactly what that is. It may include:

  • 2/3 of your average weekly income for the time you miss
  • Coverage for your medical bills related to the losses
  • Rehabilitation as needed

When you set up a free consultation with our workers’ compensation attorneys, we will provide information about your situation. Our goal is transparency, and we will not allow you to settle for less than you are owed.

Where Do Work Injuries Happen in the Bronx?

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There are some outstanding employers in the Bronx, and some may need to better provide for their employees’ needs. Some of the largest employers in the Bronx include Montefiore Medical, Centers Health Care, and the New York Department of Education. You will also note that some of the largest employers include BronxWorks, Urban Health Plan, Inc., and Essen Medical Associates.

Injuries at work can happen in all types of jobs. It includes:

  • Healthcare positions
  • Restaurants and hospitality locations
  • Schools and government offices
  • Offices
  • Factories and warehouses

No matter where you suffered an injury or if you suffered an illness or injury while on the job, we strongly encourage you to seek support from our Bronx workers’ comp attorneys to learn about your legal rights.

Our Workers’ Comp Law Firm Fights for Our Clients

As trusted workers’ compensation attorneys in the Bronx, we know how to get the evidence to back up your claims and to hold employers accountable. Accidents occur in a work area for many reasons, including poor safety and conditions. Some of the most common types of workers’ compensation claims we help with include:

  • Falls from heights: Any kind of fall on the job can create a severe risk of injury
  • Burns: In cooking environments, factories, and other locations dealing with heat
  • Equipment failures: If equipment is not maintained or used correctly, accidents occur
  • Slips and falls: In situations where the floors are not maintained, or there are trip hazards, these accidents occur
  • Workplace violence: In situations where you are hurt due to the violent acts of other employees or customers, this may apply
  • Vehicle accidents: If you are hurt in a car accident while on duty, that can fall under workers’ compensation claims

A wide range of injuries can come from these accidents. The severity of injuries ranges widely from small incidents that go away within a few days to permanent ones. Some of the most common injuries our attorneys deal with routinely include:

We Fight the Workers’ Comp Insurance Companies for You

Workers’ compensation is supposed to be a flawless system that makes it easy for you to get coverage for the injuries you suffer. That just does not happen often. Our Bronx workers’ comp attorneys will guide you in pursuing full and fair compensation by minimizing the risks that insurance companies present. That includes providing hands-on support, one-on-one guidance, and comprehensive advocacy to ensure your claim is taken seriously.

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James Helm, Personal Injury Lawyer

What to Do After a Workers’ Compensation Insurance

When you are hurt on the job, make sure you follow these suggested steps:

  • Always get medical care. Then, follow up and complete all requested medical care.
  • Inform your manager of the incident right away.
  • Document everything about your accident, including the circumstances around what occurred, what you did or did not do, and what actions your employer took to help.
  • Document all the care you receive and your costs for missing work.
  • Ensure you follow your doctor’s orders.

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