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Work injuries often result from mistakes, negligence, and oversights by employers. However, sometimes, they are simply accidents that happen when no one was negligent. In either case, New York state law entitles injured workers to benefits under the no-fault workers’ compensation system.

Benefits should be readily available, but insurance companies can make the process more difficult than necessary. These companies are protecting their bottom lines, but you need to protect your financial future in the face of medical bills and lost income. You might need a legal advocate handling the claim process and seeking benefits for you.

Working with our New York workers’ comp lawyers can be highly beneficial following a work injury. At TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers, we pursue full and fair compensation for our clients because we know how devastating an injury can be and how vital your full recovery is.

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Your Guide to Workers’ Comp in NY

Put Your Trust in TopDog’s New York Workers’ Comp Lawyers

Our New York workers’ comp attorneys provide ongoing support for clients facing all types of workplace injuries. We are here to fight for your rights. We know what you are facing because we have helped many clients recover the benefits they deserve for job-related injuries. Over our careers, our attorneys have recovered millions of dollars for victims in many types of injury cases.

You should never feel pressured into settling your claim or accepting a denial of benefits. Instead, meet with us in our Bronx office right off the freeway. Talk to our workers’ comp attorneys in New York to learn more about your rights. Let us tell you about your legal options and provide guidance on pursuing fair compensation.

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Determining the Value of Your Workers’ Comp Case

When our clients have workplace injuries, they often report that their employer is trying to avoid a workers’ comp claim or that, for some reason, their claim was denied by the insurer. They face serious financial struggles because they may be unable to return to work or need significant time to heal. They need coverage for their medical treatment, as well.

The workers’ compensation process is meant to make the post-injury process easier for workers, not harder. Benefits should cover any medical bills or care costs you have due to the accident, as well as partial wage replacement for lost time and benefits you suffered. For some of our clients, their benefit needs are much more significant. They may have catastrophic injuries such as spinal cord damage or traumatic brain injuries that result in permanent disabilities. These are critical cases that require workers’ comp disability benefits.

If you have a severe injury or have run into roadblocks with the insurance process, never wait to consult our NY workers’ comp lawyers.

Where Work Injuries Happen in New York

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The Bronx may be one of the best places to live, but there are many areas where injuries occur on the job. Throughout New York, construction sites, marinas, and factories tend to be some of the most common areas for injuries. Other areas of high risk occur in trucking and transportation jobs or those working in healthcare and suffer slips and falls. If you suffered an injury, we want to learn about your losses to fight for fair compensation.

Let Our Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Work for You

Our dedicated team of professionals at TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers is happy to offer a free consultation. Let us answer your questions with no risk to you. You may have an offer to settle your claim with the insurance company that you do not think is fair. You may not be sure how to file a claim. In all situations, an honest conversation with our attorneys will give you the insight you need to know your next steps. We encourage you not to settle until you speak to us first. Our workers’ comp attorneys in New York will work with you no matter the type of accident that happened. Some of the most common of these include:
  • Falls from heights
  • Vehicle-related injuries
  • Equipment failures
  • Toxic exposure
  • Safety failures
Some of the most problematic of workplace accident injuries can include:
  • Spinal cord damage with or without paralysis
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burns
  • Amputations and disfigurement
  • Complex broken bones and shattered bones
Our clients will often face more than just a few medical bills, but instead significant financial losses, an impact on their quality of life, and even ongoing financial limitations due to their inability to work. We can identify when additional compensation outside the workers’ comp system might be available. Please meet with our workers’ compensation attorneys in New York to discuss your rights and options.

You Do Not Have to Face the Insurance Company Alone

With the help of our trusted, experienced New York workers’ comp attorneys, you can gain insight into your rights. We handle the insurance claim and the company for you, so you never feel pressure from them. When calculating your losses, we also listen to you and base those claims on what happened to you and how it will impact your future.

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James Helm, Personal Injury Lawyer

What to Do After a Job-Related Injury

In an emergency, your first goal is to seek help from a local emergency room and then file a claim with the insurance company. Then what?

We encourage you to seek out legal support at this time. Insurance companies will do all they can to reduce the compensation you are being paid. Let us handle their actions. You need to work to build out a list of losses and keep track of any injuries you have. Let us help with that process by exploring the various losses you may be qualified to receive.

Consult Our New York Workers’ Compensation Attorneys Today for Free!

James Helm, Personal Injury Lawyer
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