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You put your faith and trust in medical providers when you seek professional advice regarding your health. We expect to visit a doctor or hospital so our injuries or illnesses improve. Unfortunately, many patients suffer preventable injuries or complications when their healthcare providers make unreasonable errors.

If you or a loved one suffer harm due to a medical professional, you have important legal rights. TopDog Law is familiar with the laws in Detroit regarding medical negligence. We know how to investigate what happened and identify when you can hold a doctor liable for your losses.

Medical cases are extremely challenging, so you always need the help of a Detroit medical malpractice lawyer. We do not hesitate to go up against doctors, medical facilities, and insurance companies to protect your rights and future.

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Your Guide to Medical Malpractice in Detroit

Why Choose Our Detroit Medical Malpractice Lawyers?

When you suffer injuries from a negligent medical professional, you want TopDog Law on your side. We take the time to ask you questions and understand what happened leading to your medical injuries. This will help us lay the groundwork for your medical malpractice claim.

You will experience a hands-on approach when you work with our Detroit medical malpractice attorneys. We use all our resources to investigate your case, including consulting medical experts and other professionals to analyze what happened and why your doctor should be responsible.

Most importantly, we know how to build a strong case based on medical malpractice laws and regulations in Detroit and throughout Michigan. We can negotiate with all applicable insurance companies for a fair settlement using all the evidence we gather. We can pursue litigation if negotiations are unsuccessful.

Our Detroit personal injury attorneys do what it takes to stand up for your rights following injuries from medical providers. contact us today for more information.

Compensation for Medical Malpractice Injuries

When you file a medical malpractice lawsuit, you seek damages for your losses, which can result in financial compensation for victims and surviving families. There are two primary categories of compensation available: economic and non-economic expenses.

In general, some losses you can address in your claim are:

  • Medical bills for treating the new ailment and any subsequent treatment
  • Lost income if you can no longer work or must take time off for your recovery 
  • Transportation costs 
  • Support service expenses for your household
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Permanent disabilities or disfigurement
  • Wrongful death

If your injury or condition has the potential to be long-term, you can also request coverage of ongoing care costs and more. We can identify all the losses your claim should account for.

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Medical Malpractice Numbers in Detroit​

You might assume that medical errors are rare, but this is not necessarily true. In recent years in Michigan, there were 233,510 medical malpractice cases, according to the National Practitioner Data Bank. Nearly 195,000 people die in hospitals yearly from preventable issues.

Michigan has enacted the Michigan Model, which hopes to reduce and prevent medical mistakes and lawsuits. Unfortunately, despite these efforts, these accidents happen throughout the city in hospitals, pharmacies, fertility clinics, nursing homes, and other medical facilities.

The TopDog Law team stands up to top-rated hospitals and doctors, including: 

  • Henry Ford Hospital 
  • DMC Harper University Hospital 
  • DMC Sinai Grace Hospital 
  • Beaumont Hospital 
  • Trinity Health 
  • Ascension St. John Hospital 
  • Harbor Oaks Hospital 

Types of Medical Errors You May Encounter

Our medical malpractice lawyers in Detroit have seen many medical errors resulting in severe injuries. 

  • Anesthesia errors can happen in several ways, like administering the wrong dosage or the wrong type of anesthesia. It can also involve failing to prevent adverse reactions due to the patient’s medical history. 
  • Emergency room errors can happen when hospital staff delay treatment, monitor patients, or misdiagnose a medical condition.
  • Misdiagnosis is a leading form of medical malpractice. When a doctor fails to diagnose a patient’s condition or offers the wrong diagnosis, they can cause significant injuries, complications, and preventable losses. 
  • Infectious disease spreading in hospitals can cause many complications and additional illnesses for patients. This might occur due to improper sterilization or other hospital errors.
  • Medication errors might occur when prescribing or dispensing medications. An error can include dosing, drug interactions, allergic reactions, and giving the wrong medication. 
  • Surgical errors refer to preventable errors during surgery, like leaving an instrument inside the person. It can also include wrong-site surgery, damaging other body parts, failure to use sterilized equipment, and performing the wrong procedures.  
  • Birth injuries can occur during prenatal care, labor, delivery, or post-delivery. These injuries can alter a child’s life well into adulthood or cause serious injuries to a mother.
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The injuries a patient can suffer will vary depending on the type of medical error that happened.

Call TopDog Law in Detroit Today

Instead of wondering what you should do next, call the Detroit medical malpractice lawyer from TopDog Law for a case review. Doing so can give you immediate peace of mind that a professional is assessing your rights.

If you believe you’ve been a victim of medical malpractice, seeking a consultation with our experienced attorneys at TopDog Law is a crucial first step toward justice. 

Our skilled medical malpractice team is committed to evaluating the merits of your case, providing a comprehensive understanding of your rights, and offering guidance on the best course of action.

With a focus on client-centric representation, our attorneys are here to listen, assess, and advocate for your rights.

Don’t navigate the complexities of medical malpractice alone – consult TopDog Law at (313) 751-9628 to protect your legal rights and ensure your voice is heard.

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