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Accidents happen daily, and while some result in minor injuries, others might result in the death of a loved one. When the reckless or intentional actions of another person are to blame for your loved one’s death, you have legal options.

A Michigan wrongful death lawyer can advise you on the next steps you should take to protect your loved one’s rights. TopDog Law empathizes with your circumstances; we know no money can bring back your loved one. However, we will work diligently to hold negligent parties responsible for your loss.

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Your Guide to Michigan Wrongful Death Lawyer

Why Choose Our Michigan Wrongful Death Lawyers​?

It can feel daunting having to file a wrongful death lawsuit while grieving. You might not be considering everything the loss will mean for you or your family.

TopDog Law can alleviate the stress of a legal claim so you can concentrate on saying goodbye to your loved one and grieving. Our dedicated team of personal injury lawyers in Michigan will work to assess the incident, gather evidence, and build a claim.

We have a reputation for being trustworthy and fighting for our clients. We have offices statewide, so you can rest assured there is a location near you.

We have years of experience handling wrongful death claims and getting top dollar for our clients. Look no further when you want to hire a Michigan wrongful death lawyer.

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Definition of Wrongful Death

When a person passes away due to another person’s negligence, it can be a wrongful death. The parties that can be liable are businesses, individuals, government entities, or a combination of parties.

Wrongful death claims in Michigan often name the following entities as liable parties:

  • Product manufacturers 
  • Trucking companies 
  • Individuals 
  • Businesses 
  • Companies 
  • Medical provider 

The first step will be assessing whether your loved one’s death falls under wrongful death laws. Once we determine it does, our Michigan wrongful death lawyer will determine who in the surviving family is eligible to file a lawsuit.

Wrongful deaths are civil lawsuits that seek compensation for family members from liable parties. Our Michigan wrongful death attorney will review how your loved one died and who should be responsible.

TopDog Law has experience dealing with various types of wrongful death cases.

The most common incidents that result in wrongful death include:

  • Poisonings
  • Car accidents
  • Recreational accidents 
  • Product liability 
  • Medical malpractice 
  • Nursing home abuse and negligence 
  • Construction Accidents 
  • Electrical accidents 

Assault and other intentional actions are also common causes of wrongful death. These cases may have an additional element since they can also have criminal penalties for the assailant. We will handle your civil claim but can use the criminal case as evidence when possible.

Wrongful Death Statistics

The National Safety Council found that accidents are one of the leading causes of death nationwide, and many of these fatal accidents are the result of negligence.

For the top three categories, the numbers are:

  • 34,673 deaths from falls
  • Unintentional poisonings account for 58,335 
  • Crashes led to 40,327 deaths 

Whether your loved one died in a collision, fall, or another accident, we can assess your legal options for seeking financial support and justice.

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Wrongful Death Compensation 

Wrongful death can result in many expenses and losses. However, before pursuing damages for your loved one, we must ensure you can file a claim. Generally, immediate family members can file these claims.

These parties usually include:

  • Spouse 
  • Children 
  • Parents 

Siblings, grandparents, and grandchildren may also qualify in some cases. If no family members can file a claim, the personal representative of the deceased’s estate might deserve.

Once our attorneys identify liable parties and eligible claimants, we then calculate the damages you might seek.

The compensation you can fight for includes:

  • Pain and suffering of the deceased 
  • Loss of emotional support, companionship, comfort, consortium, etc.
  • Lost Earnings 
  • Loss of financial support 
  • Lost work benefits like health insurance and pensions
  • Funeral and burial expenses 

Other damages may be possible depending on individual circumstances. Calculating these losses takes meticulous attention to detail. We often must work with an economist to determine the monetary value of your case. TopDog Law has the resources, experience, and attention to detail to handle these injury cases.

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Let Us Fight the Insurance Company on Your Behalf 

Your loved one has died, and you think it is evident that the person responsible should pay for those losses. Depending on the circumstances, an insurance company probably represents the liable party and handles your case.

Whether it is medical malpractice, a car accident, or a defective product, these insurance companies will try to avoid admitting their policyholder’s liability for your loved one’s death.

When you are dealing with so many emotions, hearing the insurance company deny responsibility and try to deprive you of any payment can be too much to handle. You are grieving, and the insurance company is fighting back.

Do not face them alone. Instead, our Michigan wrongful death attorney will build a case they must resolve. We will work to recover top dollar for your wrongful death case.

After a Wrongful Death

Wrongful death cases are different from typical personal injury cases. There is no ongoing care or path to physical recovery. Families are distraught and unsure of what to do next.

Depending on how the death occurs, you should gather any relevant documents you believe are suitable evidence. This may include hospital records, crash reports, product receipts, etc. The death certificate can be another critical document.

It is time to take legal action once you gather these documents. Meeting with a lawyer might seem like adding too much to your plate, but, unfortunately, you need to act promptly to avoid missing any relevant deadlines. Bring everything to an initial consultation with our wrongful death lawyer in Michigan.

Call a Michigan Wrongful Death Lawyer Today

You should take time to grieve your loved one; however, you must take legal action swiftly. Fortunately, we handle every step of the process, allowing you to focus on your emotional well-being.

Call TopDog Law immediately after a loved one dies. You can contact us at (313) 751-9628. Our Michigan wrongful death lawyers will assess your case during an initial case review.

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