Recently, a news clip went viral of a reporter being hit by a car while on air. Tori Yorgey was reporting in Dunbar, West Virginia for WSAZ-TV last week when the car struck her. Despite falling from the impact, the Philadelphia native immediately responded saying she was okay: “I’m ok, Tim. We’re all good. I’m ok. That’s live TV for you”.

People all over the country have expressed their admiration for Yorgey in the situation. However, several individuals have expressed concerns with the safety protocols in place, or lack thereof. Several people feel that she should not have felt the need to continue reporting after the incident.

Additionally, Yorgey was on the scene by herself, and many feel that she should have had assistance. Former reporter Suzie Hunter states that “in that moment, you’re so focused on giving a good report, plus you have an earpiece in, you really can’t hear or see what’s happening around you”.

Yorgey continued to assure everyone watching that she was okay after the accident and is reportedly doing fine now. In some cases, however, the pain from the injury is not noticeable right away due to the adrenaline one feels in the moment.

Breaking-news reporter Tori Yorgey and anchor Tim Irr seconds before being hit by a car

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