A man has recently settled his lawsuit for $3.7 million after falling at his New Jersey apartment complex back in 2016. Dennis Higgins was on his way to the laundry room at Skytop Gardens when he fell down a concrete staircase. He fell due to a 10-inch section of crumbling concrete on the stairs.

Higgins sustained a serious head injury due to hitting his head on the concrete wall as he fell. He fractured his skull as well as several bones in his face, leading to a buildup of blood in the brain.

The attorneys for the apartment complex unsuccessfully argued that they were not responsible for his injuries. Higgins was in a coma for four days and had to spend over 2 months in a rehabilitation facility after the incident. His attorney, Barry Eichen, states that this injury has greatly impacted Higgins’ life, even six years later. Today, Higgins struggles with mobility and basic tasks.

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