A multi-vehicle crash occurred on Roosevelt Boulevard on Tuesday, November 16th. The crash happened around 5 am, involving up to 15 to 20 vehicles. One pedestrian sadly passed as a result of the accident. 

Police confirmed that the black ice that formed on the road led to the massive pileup. A construction crew left water on the bridge that froze and created slick conditions.

South State, a New Jersey contractor hired by PennDot, recently started working on a project to restore part of Roosevelt Boulevard. Hours before the accident, the crew soaked the cement used for repairing the bridge. The water flooded through the cement and spilled into the southbound driving lanes, which then froze. Three different accidents piled up consecutively as a result, each one involving at least five vehicles. 

The construction crew is clearly liable for these accidents and will be the defendant in the lawsuits that take place. They failed to properly assess road conditions and temperatures before leaving the site. Several individuals have reported injuries as a result. Moving forward, they will no longer irrigate the cement at night. 

Unfortunately, Roosevelt Boulevard has a history of safety issues and dangerous accidents. Over 21 fatal crashes took place in 2018, most of the fatalities being pedestrians. In 2020, the city installed traffic cameras in an effort to improve road conditions. Citations for speeding greatly decreased as a result. However, despite these measures to improve traffic safety, fatal accidents still occur. 

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