TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers | Concussions After A Car Accident

Concussions after a car accident are unfortunately common. However, it may be difficult to determine if you have one until days later. It can be difficult to determine if you have a concussion with all the adrenaline rushing through you after an accident. So what are some symptoms to look out for after an accident?

Mayo Clinic defines concussions as “a traumatic brain injury that affects your brain function. Effects are usually temporary but can include headaches and problems with concentration, memory, balance, and coordination.” Concussions can be caused by sudden and violent jolts to the head or neck, causing the brain to move in ways it normally would not. 

Symptoms of a concussion are headaches, amnesia, and confusion. Additionally, there may be ringing in the ears, vomiting, and fatigue, and more. See a doctor if you have the slightest feeling that you may have a concussion. If you have one and fail to treat it properly, it may result in long-term effects. Lastly, TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers will require you to visit a doctor to see if you have a concussion or any other injuries from the accident.

So now the doctor has diagnosed you with a concussion from your car accident. Is there anything you can do to receive compensation? Of course, there is. TopDog lawyers are trained professionals who want to help you receive the best compensation possible for your pain and suffering. Call us anytime at 800-215-7211 or send us a message for a free consultation

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