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Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) benefits support those who have suffered a disabling injury or illness and cannot work. Yet, SSDI is not always simple to obtain, and there are many situations where you may even be denied the support you deserve.

At TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers, we do not let our clients suffer. We work hard with hands-on support to guide them. Contact our Detroit SSDI lawyers for immediate help so you can pursue the best possible outcome for your situation.

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Your Guide to SSDI in Detroit

Why Choose Us for Your Detroit SSDI Legal Matter?

As a proven law firm with years of experience fighting for SSDI for our clients, we know how to handle these cases, even the most complicated ones. Applying for SSDI is a complex process that is made even worse due to the numerous steps people have to follow, the rules that are often too limiting, and the mistakes the SSA might make in its review. It is very common for SSDI applications to be dismissed or rejected for all of the wrong reasons.

When you are going up against the Social Security Administration, an experienced attorney is critical. These organizations have very tight rules and very limited windows through which they can help a person suffering from injuries or illness. If you have already applied and been denied, or you are unsure where to begin, we can guide you. Our personal injury attorneys in Detroit are committed to providing you with skilled legal representation.

James Helm, Personal Injury Lawyer

You can always visit our Detroit office in the Downtown Detroit area, just a few blocks from the Riverfront, or you can speak to our attorneys over the phone. We are happy to offer a free consultation as a way to start the conversation about what you are facing.

How Much Are You Entitled To?

SSDI is a very complex type of disability service. What you are entitled to depends on your financial situation, work history, and what you have contributed to the Social Security Administration. Even when you know you have put in the work to qualify for benefits, an injury that makes it impossible for you to work may not be immediately eligible under the very stringent rules set by the SSA.

To determine what you may receive, you need to apply for SSDI with all the right information in the right format and with all evidence to support your claim. They will then inform you of this based on your current and past earnings. Our attorneys can guide you in learning more about the specific amount of SSDI you may qualify for based on these factors. There is no standard amount, but rather an amount based on your specific situation.

SSDI Is Not Easy to Obtain in Detroit

Social Security has to be very limited in the types of conditions it will approve for disability insurance. Often, victims who have very clear losses and who are unable to work may be denied. In fact, most people will be denied their first time – and that is only made worse if you do not seek out legal support to overcome the hurdles you are facing.

As your SSDI attorneys, we aim to provide you with frank, transparent insight into your ability to qualify for SSDI. We base this on numerous factors, including how well your case aligns with the specific requirements under the law. We will also handle conversations with SSA and provide guidance on obtaining the necessary records for you.

Turn to Our Detroit SSDI Attorneys for Guidance

Social Security Disability benefits provide people who cannot work with the financial support they deserve. Yet, you have to see that, in this situation, the government is looking very specifically at why you should be awarded this coverage, and very often, they are not willing to simply offer it to you unless you can show it is necessary and that your illness or injury fits within the very specific parameters set by the law.

Our SSDI attorneys in Detroit have extensive experience working with people suffering from a wide range of ailments that meet the requirements of the SSA for disability coverage. This includes cases such as:

  • Cancer development
  • Mental health challenges
  • Intellectual disabilities
  • Mood disorders
  • Injuries from car accidents
  • Debilitating nervous system issues
  • Heart failure
  • Back and nerve pain
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Detroit Personal Injury Lawyer

Our goal is always to provide you with one-on-one support and guidance to protect your legal rights. When you meet with our Detroit SSDI lawyers, we will be very honest about what it will take to qualify for SSDI under the government’s rules. Then, we will work with you to prove that.

Some of the types of injuries that can lead to these types of SSDI claims include:

  • Amputations
  • End-stage illness and organ failure
  • Inability to walk or do the job you have done for years
  • Debilitating mental health illness
  • Injuries that make it impossible for you to be in public
  • Illnesses related to kidney, heart, lungs, and gastrointestinal tract

We Fight the SSA For You

f you have already been denied SSDI, we encourage you not to apply again until you speak to an attorney. This is critical for several reasons, including the simple fact that you do not have endless appeals. Instead, let us handle the SSA for you.

Personal Injury Lawyer
James Helm, SSDI lawyer

What to Do After Your Injury or Illness

Always follow the advice of your doctor and make sure to keep up with your health needs. Stay off social media, document your limitations, and be clear about what you can and cannot do and why when reapplying. Most importantly, work with our legal team to prove you deserve benefits.

Get Your Free Consultation With Our Detroit SSDI Attorneys Now

Do not wait to be told no. Contact TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers for immediate help from trusted and compassionate professionals. Our Detroit SSDI lawyers will be open and upfront with you about what legal steps you need to take to receive compensation. Get your free consultation with us now by calling (313) 751-9628.

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