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Sexual abuse is a traumatic experience that can take years to recover from. Anyone can be a victim of sexual abuse. As a survivor, you understandably want to hold your abuser accountable and seek your own personal recovery. However, you don’t have to rely on the criminal justice system alone to achieve these objectives.

A Philadelphia sexual abuse lawyer from TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers can seek justice for you by filing a civil lawsuit against your abuser to recover damages for you. We will handle your legal case so you can take the time you require to heal.

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Hiring a Philadelphia Sexual Abuse Lawyer Can Help You Get Justice

When you obtain the services of a sexual abuse lawyer from TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers, you do not have to fight back against your abuser alone. A lawyer from our firm will handle your abuse case with dignity and care, guiding you through the legal process step by step and advocating for your best interests. 

Our firm is committed to making your voice heard and supporting your journey to find your courage and regain the power your abuser took from you.

When you hire a lawyer who cares about fighting for the underdog, you get a lawyer who will:

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  • Assess Your Claim: To seek full and fair compensation, you have to know how much your damages are truly worth, which is why we will calculate the value of your claim. We will send a demand letter for the amount and evaluate any settlement offers to determine if they are fair.

  • Gather evidence: Holding your abuser accountable, whether an individual, institution, or organization, means we must investigate the incident or incidents of sexual abuse that are causing you physical and emotional pain. Building a strong case involves collecting evidence to support you. The more evidence we can gather to support your claim, the better.

  • Protect your legal rights and confidentiality: We will help you understand your rights as a survivor of sexual abuse and defend them. No one can take these rights away from you, and we will provide you with options to hold your abuser accountable. Many victims in abuse cases wish to be anonymous, which is your right as a survivor of sexual abuse. You can be confident that we will protect your identity and maintain your safety throughout your case and beyond. 

  • Minimize interaction with your abuser: We understand that facing your abuser will be difficult for you, even traumatizing. This is why we will minimize your interaction with your abuser as much as possible. We will handle most communication, stand with you at every hearing, and prepare you to testify.

  • Represent you in court: If necessary, we will file a lawsuit and represent you at trial in pursuit of the compensation you deserve. We prepare every case to present to a jury, and we are not afraid to face your abuser and hold them accountable no matter how powerful, wealthy, or connected they may be.

Steps to Take if Someone Sexually Abuses You

Those who have been sexually abused often suffer from shock, confusion, and even guilt despite not being at fault. However, in the wake of sexual abuse, taking the following steps can be helpful not only to any criminal proceeding but also to your civil lawsuit.

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Seek Medical Treatment and Support

The most important action to take after suffering sexual abuse is to take care of your well-being. This includes seeking medical treatment for any injuries or complications that resulted from the abuse and seeking counseling or help from a mental health professional. Your doctor can document your treatment, which will help build your case. 

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Contact Law Enforcement

Reporting the sexual abuse to law enforcement further documents your case and shows a jury that you sought police assistance as soon as possible. Police can also gather evidence, arrest your abuser, and offer protection.

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Consult an Attorney

Consulting a lawyer with experience representing sexual abuse victims is the next step if you intend to file a lawsuit for compensation. We can provide you with options to hold your abuser accountable and help you navigate the legal process. We will also provide you with regular updates on the status of your case.

You are not alone. Medical, law enforcement, legal, and counseling professionals are ready to offer you their support. As legal professionals, we, too, are on your side. 

A Sexual Abuse Lawyer Can Recover Damages for You in Philadelphia

In the wake of surviving sexual abuse, you may feel hopeless that you will ever see justice, especially if the criminal justice system is moving slowly to charge and prosecute your abuser.

But there is another path to justice that you can consider: filing a civil lawsuit seeking compensation for your injuries and covering your financial losses. It takes courage to fight back against your abuser, especially since you understand that you will likely have to face them in court. 

wrongful death Sexual Abuse Claim in Philadelphia

Our Philadelphia sexual abuse lawyers are experienced in handling sexual abuse cases and will work to recover compensation and get justice. But what does justice look like in a civil lawsuit? Holding your abuser accountable means making your voice heard and securing a compensation package that covers the following:

  • Medical expenses: Sexual assaults can cause injuries such as bruising, cuts, scrapes, and genital trauma, among others that require medical attention. Compensation can cover your medical expenses, including hospitalization, laboratory work, diagnostic tests, emergency care, doctor appointments, surgery, transportation, and future medical costs you incur due to the abuse.

  • Lost income and benefits: You may be temporarily or even permanently unable to work because of your injuries, entitling you to compensation that covers your lost income and benefits, as well as future earnings you would have made had you been able to work.

  • Physical therapy and counseling: You may not only suffer from physical injuries that could require physical therapy as part of your recovery but also emotional and mental scarring that requires counseling services.

  • Cost of relocation: You may understandably fear for your safety if your abuser knows where you live. Compensation can cover the cost of relocation so you can feel safer and more secure.

  • Pain and Suffering: Daily pain from your injuries, along with emotional distress, mental anguish, disfigurement, disability, loss of enjoyment, and psychological trauma, are all losses that compensation also covers. 

In addition, the court may further punish your abuser by ordering them to pay punitive damages for what they did to you. Compensation will not change what happened to you, but it can help you regain a sense of normalcy so you can begin to rebuild and move forward with your life. This is what justice looks like when TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers file civil litigation on your behalf.

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Sexual Assault and Abuse According to Pennsylvania Law

Sexual abuse includes sexual assault, indecent assault, rape, and statutory assault by an individual, a group, an organization, or an institution, according to Pennsylvania law.  

State law also provides a grading scale to determine the seriousness of the offense ranging from a misdemeanor to a felony. A felony carries a more severe sentence than a misdemeanor. However, the burden of proof is higher in a criminal court than in civil cases.

Here are some of the different categories of sexual abuse:

  • Sexual assault
  • Indecent assault
  • Child sexual abuse
  • Statutory rape and assault
  • Sex trafficking
  • Exhibitionism
  • Explicit phone calls and texts
  • Sexual harassment

Far too often, sexual predators are those who know their victims personally. However, oftentimes in sexual abuse lawsuits, liable parties will include not just the individuals who sexually assaulted the survivor but the institutions or organizations that allowed the harm to take place. 

Institutions that can be held liable for sexual abuse or a cover-up of sexual abuse include:

  • Churches and religious organizations
  • Public and private schools and colleges
  • Hospitals and nursing homes
  • Juvenile facilities and foster homes
  • Child care services
  • You can even be a victim of sexual abuse in your workplace.
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Your Philadelphia Sexual Abuse Lawyer Will Meet the Statute of Limitations

You may understandably require time to recover and decide what you want to do next. Consulting with a sexual abuse attorney from our firm can assist you by laying out your options and helping you choose a path forward.

However, you only have two years to file a lawsuit against your abuser or the institution responsible for your harm. That’s when the statute of limitations runs out, and you will lose your right to pursue compensation through the legal process.

We will work to meet the statute of limitations in your case so you retain your right to hold your abuser accountable in court.

James Helm, Youth Sports Sex Abuse Lawyer

Consult With a Philadelphia Sexual Abuse Lawyer Today

Coming forward to hold your abuser accountable is a big step. We admire your courage, and we want to talk to you about your case. Our law firm will devote the time and resources it takes to build a strong case for compensation.

TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers supports and represents sexual abuse survivors like you. Schedule a free consultation with a Philadelphia sexual abuse lawyer today. Call TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers at (844) 576-2116, and let us help you get the justice you deserve.

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