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Sexual abuse leaves scars that last a lifetime, and no individual should have to bear them alone. In the Garden State, where communities are tightly-knit and values run deep, we believe that it’s essential to ensure that survivors are not silenced. 

At TopDog Law, our New Jersey sexual abuse lawyers understand the courage it takes for survivors to come forward. With our unwavering dedication, extensive knowledge of New Jersey laws, and proactively empathetic approach, we stand by those who have suffered, helping them navigate the legal process and reclaim their power. Together, we can pave the path to healing and justice.

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Your Guide to Sexual Abuse Claims in New Jersey

TopDog Law is the Ally You Need for
Your Sexual Abuse Claim

Our practice runs deep, extending into the communities we serve nationwide and the results that we’re able to achieve for clients who deserve the utmost respect and compassion. 

At TopDog Law, we believe every survivor’s story deserves a voice, and every perpetrator must face accountability. 

With our devoted team of attorneys who have a proven track record in New Jersey, we approach each case with utmost dedication, sensitivity, and diligence. Our depth of understanding of the complexities of sexual abuse cases, combined with our genuine passion for serving our community, sets us apart. We offer a supportive environment where survivors can be heard, understood, and empowered to seek the justice they rightfully deserve.

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New Jersey Sexual Abuse Lawyer

The Facts About Sexual Violence in New Jersey

According to data brought to us from The New Jersey Coalition Against Sexual Assault (NJCASA), the state is home to over 1.8 million survivors of sexual assault. This figure amounts to a shocking 20% of New Jersey’s population. Distressingly, many of these victims are young people and children. Overall, it’s estimated that 1 in 9 girls and 1 in 20 boys under the age of 18 have experienced sexual violence or assault

How a Sexual Abuse Attorney Can Help

The measures that survivors can take to care for themselves following the injustices that were done to them are many and may include therapy, counseling, and the aid of support groups dedicated to providing relief and support to those who have suffered this type of violence. However, you also deserve and are legally entitled to seek legal remedies, including filing a sexual abuse lawsuit against the perpetrator or, in many cases, the entities that allowed the abuse to take place. 

Organizations, institutions, and other entities have a responsibility to ensure the safety and well-being of those in their care or under their supervision. When they fail in this duty, either through negligence, enabling behavior, or direct actions, they, too, can be liable for the harm inflicted. Such accountability can help survivors achieve a sense of justice and also serve as a deterrent, encouraging these negligent parties to establish and uphold strict safety and reporting protocols.

Some agents you can hold accountable in a sexual abuse claim include:

  • Religious institutions
  • Schools and educational facilities
  • Sports organizations
  • Youth groups and clubs
  • Nursing homes and care facilities
  • Employers and workplaces
  • Hospitals and medical institutions
  • Foster care systems
  • Government agencies and departments.

What if the Abuse Occurred Many Years Ago?

In New Jersey, recent legislation has expanded the rights of survivors to take legal action against their abusers, even if the abuse occurred many years in the past. Specifically, the New Jersey Child Sexual Abuse Act provides a much longer window for survivors to file claims that were previously barred due to the statute of limitations. This means that regardless of when the abuse took place, survivors have a renewed opportunity to seek justice.

If you experienced abuse many years ago and are unsure what your rights are, consult an attorney familiar with New Jersey’s laws to understand the specific timeline for your case.

Steps to Take After a Sexual Assault

The aftermath of a sexual assault can be an overwhelmingly traumatic experience. However, caring for your needs during this time not only ensures your safety but can also put you on the path toward justice and healing. 

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Seek Immediate Safety

Your immediate safety and well-being are the utmost priorities. Whether it's finding shelter with a trusted friend or family member or contacting a local crisis center, ensure you distance yourself from any potential threat or the location of the assault.

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Report the Incident to Authorities

Reporting a sexual assault is a deeply personal decision, but it can be essential for initiating the legal process. Contacting the police as soon as you feel able can help in documenting the incident and collecting evidence. This step also helps to ensure that the perpetrator can be held accountable and may prevent future assaults.

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Seek Medical Attention

It's crucial to visit a medical facility or a specialized center for sexual assault survivors. Medical professionals can address any immediate injuries, provide necessary treatments, and gather forensic evidence. This evidence can be invaluable if you decide to press charges or file a lawsuit.

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Consult with a Dedicated Attorney

Navigating the legal aftermath of a sexual assault can be overwhelming. By consulting with a skilled sexual abuse lawyer, you can better understand your rights and potential legal avenues. They can guide you in holding the responsible parties accountable, whether it's an individual perpetrator, an organization, or an institution.

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Pursue Supportive Counseling

Engaging in counseling or therapy is a significant step towards emotional recovery. As you maneuver the legal landscape, having the support of professionals who understand the trauma can be invaluable. Additionally, their insights can help in illustrating the emotional and psychological damages during any legal proceedings.

With the help of a dedicated sexual abuse attorney and other sources of support, survivors can reclaim some control and step forward as empowered individuals ready to seek justice and recovery.

Contact a New Jersey Sexual Abuse Attorney Today

If you or a loved one has been a victim of sexual abuse, reach out now. We offer free consultations, and we’re committed to helping you seek the justice and compensation you deserve. Additionally, our firm is committed to upholding the utmost confidentiality and discretion throughout the legal process.

Contact us or CALL (973) 620-2720 to speak to an attorney about how we can support you through this process and obtain the compensation you deserve. 

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