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Sexual abuse and sexual assault, unfortunately, are more common than many think, and it can happen to anyone, anywhere, in California.

Commonly, abusers are known to the victim. Many abusers use safe spaces like churches, schools, workspaces, and homes as the location to commit their heinous acts.

Survivors of sexual abuse experience trauma that may require years of therapy, may have had physical ramifications, and may have affected their sense of safety and well-being.

A civil case could obtain financial compensation to help with hospital bills, security systems for homes, and counseling to help you move forward.

TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers are experienced in sexual abuse cases. While financial compensation can in no way take away the trauma, it may help survivors care for themselves after unwanted sexual encounters. Call our compassionate California sexual abuse lawyers for help today.

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Common types of sexual abuse in California

  • Distributing explicit photos of someone without permission
  •  Unwanted sexual advances
  •  Exposing genitals to someone
  • Forcing someone to see or watch pornographic material
  • Touching someone’s genitals without consent
  • Forcing oral sex without consent
  • Penetrating someone sexually without consent

Intent matters. Accidents happen in crowded spaces. Someone may bump into you and a hand accidentally grazes a breast or your backside. Intent determines the difference between accidental touch and intentional groping or sexual assault. 

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California sexual abuse facts

According to the California Department of Justice:

  • Sex abusers are most commonly males, but females have been known to be abusers, too.
  • More than 90 percent of children who have experienced sexual abuse know their offender before the abuse takes place.
  • Children often wait years before telling anyone about sexual abuse.

According to the California Department of Public Health:

  • In California, one in three women and one in four men will experience sexual abuse during their lifetime.  
  • Consequences of sexual violence include physical implications, psychological damage, anxiety disorders, depression, and suicidal thoughts. 
  • Certain chronic issues can manifest after sexual abuse takes place. These issues include but aren’t limited to post-traumatic stress disorder, sexual health concerns, and negative health behaviors such as smoking, abusing drugs and alcohol, and engagement in risky sexual activity. 
  • An individual’s economic wellbeing (including employment and work ethic or performance) may be greatly affected due to sexual abuse or assault. 

What to do if someone sexually abused you in California?

If someone sexually assaulted or abused you, file a police report and seek medical attention. Inform the proper channels and get the care you need. Keep all documentation for your sexual abuse case.

Many survivors of sexual abuse or molestation do not go to the police because so many abusers avoid incarceration. Survivors of sexual abuse feel that the added trauma they will have to endure by pursing a criminal case is not worth the small possibility of putting their abuser behind bars. In fact, only an estimated 2.5 percent of perpetrators will face jail time for a sexual crime.

But if you do not have police or medical records documenting the incident, our experienced California sex abuse lawyers can still help you. They can evaluate your claim, gather evidence, and file a lawsuit to recover financial compensation to help with the damages caused by the assault or abuse.

Contact a California sexual abuse lawyer as soon as you feel comfortable to discuss your case. 

California statutes of limitations and sexual abuse

Under CA Civ Pro Code § 340.16, adult victims of sexual abuse and assault can “file a case within 10 years” of the event, “or within three years since the discovery of any injury or illness resulting from the assault.” 

Additionally, CA Civ Pro Code § 340.1 explains there is “no time limit for the commencement an action against any person committing an act of childhood sexual assault in order to recover damages suffered as a result of childhood sexual assault.”

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Ways we can protect your privacy during an investigation or case

  1. File your complaint under a pseudonym.  
  2.  The defense may not conduct discovery on sexual history without a court order.
  3.  The court will limit evidence of your sexual history at trial.
  4. We can argue for time limit requests or other restrictions on depositions.
  5. Our lawyers can limit the scope of mental examinations to protect our clients.
  6.  Our team can keep your settlement details confidential if you want.

If you worry about your privacy in a sexual abuse lawsuit, please inform our attorneys. Our goal is to make this process as easy as possible. Your assailant put you through enough, so we explore all possibilities to protect your peace of mind. 

Contact an experienced California sexual abuse lawyer

TopDog Law personal injury attorneys possess extensive experience advocating for survivors of abuse. Our California sexual abuse lawyers will provide a confidential setting for you to tell us your story and guide you through the legalities of your case.

TopDog Law offers free consultations and approaches every case with care and understanding. They will help you move forward in filing a suit against the individual aggressor or institution. 

Sexual abuse survivors may experience physical and emotional ramifications for many years. Filing a lawsuit and recovering compensation can aid in the healing process and benefit your personal journey toward recovery.  

Contact our sexual abuse attorneys in California for your free, confidential consultation at (323) 922-5650. We are here to help you.

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