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Ridesharing is the latest trend in getting around. Whether you need a ride after a night out or a ride to work, you can quickly get a ride by grabbing your phone and calling a stranger to pick you up. Unfortunately, rideshare drivers can cause serious accidents just like anyone else.

Rideshare companies may have insurance policies available, but like any insurance company, rideshare insurers will do everything they can to save money. TopDog Law works with clients throughout Illinois who have been in rideshare accidents. Our Illinois rideshare accident lawyers have the experience and resources you need to get the full and fair value of your injury claim.

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Your Guide to
Illinois Rideshare Accidents

How a Rideshare Accident
Lawyer in Illinois Can Help You

Thousands of people in Illinois use rideshare apps daily. Most rides are safe and end without incident. For those rides that do not, the consequences can be life-altering for the victims.

Our team will ensure you get the medical treatment you need while we work on the legal process. In addition, we will protect your rights against the insurance company and ensure you are treated fairly.

After being in a rideshare accident in Illinois, you must speak to an attorney from TopDog Law about your compensation options. Our Illinois personal injury lawyers will review your case and determine if your accident resulted from someone else’s negligence. If it was, we can file a claim on your behalf and work to get you the compensation you deserve.

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Where and How These Accidents
Happen in Illinois

There are some things about the way rideshare services operate that can increase the chances of their drivers causing serious accidents. Rideshare drivers must use cell phones or other personal devices to accomplish their tasks.

The more rides they complete, the more payment they get. This compensation system can encourage drivers to take more risks to complete rides. In addition, it incentivizes them to stay on the road longer, which can lead to fatigued driving.

Some of the most common causes of rideshare accidents include:

  • Distracted Driving – Distracted driving is often more prevalent among rideshare drivers because they work on their phones. This is where they follow directions, accept rides, and get payment. Without their phone, they can lose out on money and opportunities. 
  • Speeding – Speeding is not exclusive to rideshare drivers, as it is an ongoing problem with motorists. However, rideshare drivers participate in speeding more often so they can complete trips faster. 
  • Drowsy Driving – Drowsy driving is common since many drivers work multiple jobs or use various apps to get as many fares as possible. They will lose out on sleep and be on the road for more hours than they should. 
  • Traffic Violations – Violating traffic laws like driving the wrong way, taking stop signs, and not granting the right of way can all lead to devastation. These laws are in place for everyone’s safety. 
  • Drunk or Drugged Driving – Driving under the influence of alcohol or drugs can be detrimental to a person’s cognitive and motor function. Drivers can lose control of the vehicle or fail to react in time to hazards.

Many actions or inactions can lead to a rideshare accident in Illinois. Every driver must ensure they follow the law and do not endanger others.

When a driver is negligent, whether they are a rideshare driver or not, they should answer for their negligence. An Illinois rideshare accident attorney can help hold at-fault parties financially responsible for your losses.

Damaged Ford Focus: Scratched, smashed windows, broken headlights, and punctured tires. Abandoned car in a state of disrepair.

Determining Coverage Can Be Complicated

One of the things that makes rideshare accidents more complicated than other kinds of accidents is the fact that it may be unclear whose insurance policy should cover your losses.

In some cases, the rideshare company’s insurance will cover losses caused by their driver. In others, victims may need to pursue compensation from the driver’s individual insurance policy.

TopDog Law can assist in finding the most effective approach for your claim. If one method is exhausted, we’ll explore other options. If we exhaust one method, we will work on others. Our Illinois rideshare accident lawyers will not stop until we resolve your case.

Damages You Can Pursue

A car accident of any kind can result in financial hardship in addition to the physical and emotional toll it wreaks on your life. You can recover monetary compensation through an insurance claim.

Economic and non-economic damages can be available, including:

  • Lost income for any time off you take to treat your injuries 
  • Loss of future earning potential if you cannot return to your line of work
  • Vehicle repairs or replacement and other property damage 
  • Home or vehicle alterations if you have a disability resulting from the collision 
  • Medical devices like wheelchairs to help with your condition 
  • Current and ongoing medical expenses for accident-related injuries 

Many damages may apply to your case, but every accident is unique, requiring an individual assessment. You should speak to TopDog Law immediately. We will use our resources and experience to calculate your accident expenses and negotiate a favorable settlement.

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What You Can Do to Protect Your Claim 

Contact an Illinois Rideshare Accident Lawyer
as Soon as You Can

If you have suffered injuries in an accident a rideshare driver caused, you should speak to an attorney as soon as possible. In many cases, these accidents involve complex issues related to liability, insurance coverage, and other matters that can make obtaining the compensation you deserve difficult.

At TopDog Law, our rideshare accident attorneys in Illinois are dedicated to holding negligent drivers accountable. Call us today at (708) 734-6928 or contact us online for your free case evaluation. Our legal team is ready to handle complex rideshare accident cases.

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