Rideshare Accident

Rideshare services like Uber and Lyft are an increasingly popular mode of transportation. Many riders believe it is a safer way to get around, but they may not realize that rideshares are just as dangerous as other cars.

Accidents can happen, causing serious injuries to rideshare passengers, people in other vehicles, pedestrians, and the rideshare driver.

After a crash and injuries, always consult a Georgia rideshare accident attorney about your options. These cases involve a web of insurance policies and rideshare laws, but TopDog Law has the resources and experience to handle these complex claims.

Seek a free case evaluation today to discuss your accident and learn about your rights to possible compensation.

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Your Guide to Georgia Rideshare Accidents

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TopDog Law’s Georgia Rideshare Accident Lawyers Can Help You

When you are in a rideshare accident, you want a legal representative who is looking out for your best interest. The process of seeking compensation is challenging, but our dedicated personal injury lawyers in Georgia handle every necessary step with diligence.

Some of the ways TopDog Law can help are:

  • Investigation: Investigating your accident involves talking to eyewitnesses, investigating the accident scene, and working with professionals to identify what happened and who is responsible for your losses.  
  • Filing a claim: We will ensure that we file all necessary paperwork with insurance companies, including all necessary documents to support your claims.
  • Handling the insurance company: There might be multiple insurance companies who are trying to deny or minimize your claim. We will handle all paperwork and negotiations so you can focus on your physical recovery.  
  • Represent you in court: If insurers refuse to make fair settlement offers, we never hesitate to file a lawsuit. We handle every step of litigation and work with the local civil courts.   

TopDog Law has recovered millions for injured clients, demonstrating our commitment to effective representation. Contact our firm to learn more about how we might help in your rideshare accident claim in Georgia.

How Safe Are Rideshares?

Rideshares in Georgia have seen safety concerns, with accidents commonly occurring on busy roads like I-285 and I-75. High traffic volumes contribute to the risk, and some rideshare drivers may face challenges navigating complex city layouts.

Accident statistics show instances of collisions and injuries. However, rideshare companies have implemented safety measures, including background checks and vehicle inspections.

Passengers should remain vigilant, buckle up, and report any concerns promptly. However, even with every precaution, accidents and injuries still occur. Seeking legal advice from a Georgia rideshare accident lawyer from TopDog Law can help you navigate challenges after an unfortunate incident.

Legal proceedings: Judge resolves car confiscation and bail disputes. Illustrates lawyer services, civil court trial, vehicle accident case, and insurance coverage.

Rideshare Cases Make Liability Complicated 

One of the most significant areas of contention in these cases is who is responsible. The liability of different parties will dictate the insurance process, so this is the first determination our attorneys make.

If the rideshare driver was the negligent party, their status during the accident is critical to liability determinations.

The three driver statuses that can impact your case include:

  • They are logged off the app and not working. In this case, their personal auto insurance will apply. 
  • The driver logs on without a passenger, making themselves available for work, but they haven’t accepted a request from a passenger yet. In this instance, the driver’s insurance policy will apply first, and then Uber or Lyft policies will kick in to supplement when necessary. In these instances, available coverage from rideshare companies includes $50,000 for bodily injury and $100,000 per accident. 
  • The driver has accepted a fare and is en route to pick up a passenger or has a passenger in their vehicle. In such circumstances, you can access the rideshare company’s insurance policy that provides a $1 million coverage. 

The insurance process grows more complicated because rideshare accidents can involve multiple policies. Speak to a Georgia rideshare accident attorney to handle these complex issues.

Compensation for Your Losses

You can recover damages similar to those you might receive in any type of car accident claim.

Depending on your specific injuries and losses, you might seek compensation for:

  • Medical expenses 
  • Pain and suffering 
  • Lost income 
  • Mental anguish 
  • Physical therapy and rehabilitation 
  • Future losses
  • Wrongful death 

Georgia law also allows injury victims to recover punitive damages in eligible cases. The damages punish the negligent party for egregious actions like drinking and driving. 

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Dos and Don’ts After a Rideshare Accident in Georgia

What you do or do not do after your accident can affect your overall claim. We can provide guidance on what can help or hurt your specific case.


  • Seek Medical Attention: Your health is a priority. Get medical assistance for any injuries sustained, even if they seem minor. Prompt medical attention ensures proper documentation of injuries.
  • Collect Information: Gather details from all parties involved, including drivers, passengers, and witnesses. Note vehicle information, license plate numbers, and insurance details.
  • Report to the Rideshare Company: Notify the rideshare company about the accident as soon as possible.


  • Admit Fault: Avoid admitting fault or making statements that might be mistaken as an admission of guilt. Let the investigation determine liability.
  • Delay Medical Attention: Even if injuries seem minor initially, delaying medical attention can have adverse effects on your health and potential legal claims.
  • Discuss Settlements Without Legal Advice: Refrain from engaging in settlement discussions with insurance companies without consulting a rideshare accident attorney. They can ensure you receive fair compensation.
  • Overlook Legal Assistance: Rideshare accidents involve complex legal issues. Seeking guidance from an experienced rideshare accident Lawyer, like those at TopDog Law, ensures you are protecting yourself and your legal rights.

Following these dos and don’ts can help protect your well-being and legal interests after a rideshare accident. If you’ve suffered injuries, consulting with a knowledgeable attorney is crucial for a comprehensive understanding of your options and potential legal recourse.

Call a Georgia Rideshare Accident Lawyer Today

The most crucial step you should take after an Uber and Lyft crash and injuries is to speak to TopDog Law. Our Georgia rideshare accident attorney will review all the documents you have collected to assess case viability.

We offer free case reviews at our offices throughout Georgia. Call us today at (404) 620-4059.

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