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Given the potential for serious complications associated with bedsores, including infection, pain, and impaired quality of life, it’s crucial for nursing homes to prioritize measures to prevent and address them promptly. Not doing so might constitute nursing home abuse or neglect. Victims and their families can hold the facility legally accountable for their expenses, losses, and injuries.

Contact a Pennsylvania nursing home bedsores lawyer from TopDog Law if you believe your loved one is a victim of abuse or neglect because of their pressure sores. We can assess your case and explain your legal options during a free consultation with our team. 

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Why Choose a Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer From TopDog Law for Your Loved One’s Bedsores Case?

TopDog Law’s nursing home abuse and neglect lawyers have the knowledge and experience to take on long-term care facilities and win. We understand how dangerous pressure injuries can be for your aging loved one and how frustrating it is when those you trust with their care do not uphold their end of the deal. 

Count on our team to develop a strong argument to recover compensation and hold the facility owners or operators accountable for your loved one’s injuries. 

We are a contingency fee law firm. We represent clients with no upfront fees or costs. Instead, our lawyers are paid from the money they recover in each case. We will not get paid if we do not win your loved one’s case. 

Our law firm operates three locations in Pennsylvania, including: 

  • Bala Cynwyd, PA, (484) 330-8728
  • Springfield, PA, (610) 227-6055
  • Philadelphia, (214) 544-3707

We also handle bedsore nursing home neglect cases across the country. Call today to learn more.  

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What Types of Compensation Are Available With Help From a Pennsylvania Nursing Home Bedsore Lawyer?

According to the National Pressure Injury Advisory Panel (NPIAP), studies estimate that the prevalence of bedsores in nursing home residents ranges from less than 10 percent to more than 30 percent. However, these estimates can vary widely. What we know for sure is that many bedsores are preventable and almost all are treatable when addressed quickly.

Our lawyers get justice by holding nursing homes responsible for the abuse or neglect that allows pressure injuries to occur and worsen. We recover damages based on the victim’s injuries, expenses, and losses.

Some potential recoverable damages include:

  • Medical expenses such as doctor’s visits, wound care supplies, medications, hospitalizations, surgeries, and rehabilitation services
  • Pain and suffering, including damages for the physical pain, discomfort, and emotional distress experienced by the resident as a result of the bedsores
  • Disfigurement or disability if the bedsores result in scarring, permanent tissue damage, or loss of function
  • Wrongful death damages if your loved one passes away due to complications related to the bedsores

When we handle your case, our Pennsylvania nursing home bedsores injury attorney will provide guidance on your legal options and advocate for your loved one’s rights to seek full and fair compensation for the harm they suffered.

Our Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Lawyers Understand the Relationship Between Neglect and Pressure Sores

Bedsores, also known as pressure ulcers or pressure sores, are a serious concern in the aging population. This is especially true in nursing homes and other long-term care facilities. These sores are skin and tissue damage caused by prolonged pressure. They are most common on the hips, tailbone, heels, and elbows, but could occur anywhere.

Immobile residents or those with limited mobility are at the highest risk of bedsores. Other risk factors include poor nutrition, dehydration, incontinence, and certain medical conditions such as diabetes or vascular disease.

Nursing homes must prevent bedsores by: 

  • Regularly repositioning residents
  • Providing appropriate support surfaces
  • Ensuring proper nutrition and hydration
  • Maintaining skin hygiene
  • Conducting regular skin assessments

Nursing homes are liable for bedsores that develop due to negligence or inadequate care. Working with a Pennsylvania nursing home abuse and neglect lawyer can help you document your loved one’s injuries and hold the facility owners accountable.

Let Our Pennsylvania Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer Develop a Compelling Case for Your Loved One

Most bedsores are preventable with proper care and attention, and nursing homes have a duty to ensure residents are protected from this painful and potentially life-threatening condition. When they neglect a patient and pressure injuries occur, our team can help the family get justice.

Our Pennsylvania nursing home bedsores injury lawyer will gather evidence to build a solid case based on your loved one’s bedsores.

This could include:

  • Medical Records: These provide crucial documentation of the resident’s condition, including the development and progression of bedsores, medical assessments, treatment plans, and any complications or infections related to the bedsores.
  • Photographic Evidence: Photographs of the resident’s bedsores at different stages of development are powerful evidence to demonstrate the severity of the injuries and the failure of the nursing home staff to provide adequate care.
  • Witness Statements: Statements from staff members, other residents, or visitors who observed the resident’s condition or the quality of care provided in the facility can help corroborate allegations of neglect or abuse.
  • Expert Testimony: Testimony from medical experts, such as wound care specialists or geriatricians, can provide insight into the standard of care expected in nursing homes and whether the facility failed to meet that standard in preventing or treating bedsores.
  • Care Plans and Policies: Documentation of the nursing home’s policies and procedures for preventing and managing bedsores establish whether the facility followed appropriate protocols or deviated from accepted standards of care.
  • Staffing Records: Records of staffing levels and staff qualifications can be examined to determine whether the nursing home had adequate personnel to provide the necessary care.
  • Incident Reports and Complaints: Any related incident reports or complaints filed with the nursing home provide additional evidence of negligence or misconduct.

By compiling and analyzing evidence, a nursing home abuse lawyer can effectively demonstrate that the facility failed to meet its duty of care to the resident, leading to the development or worsening of bedsores, and seek appropriate compensation for the resident’s injuries and suffering.

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Managing a Pennsylvania Nursing Home Bedsores Case Can Be Difficult on Your Own

Unfortunately, bedsores are relatively common in nursing homes, particularly among residents who have limited mobility or other risk factors. The prevalence of bedsores can vary depending on the quality of care provided in the facility, the health status of the residents, and the effectiveness of preventive measures implemented by the staff. 

Many family members who discover their loved one has bedsores or other injuries possibly caused by abuse or neglect struggle to manage the case on their own. They are unaware of their loved one’s rights or what to do to hold the facility accountable. 

If you suspect that your loved one’s bedsores are the result of abuse or neglect, it’s important to report it to the facility’s management, document the condition with photographs, and seek medical attention for your loved one. In Pennsylvania, report potential abuse through the Pennsylvania Department of Aging on the agency’s website or by calling 1-800-490-8505. 

Next, call TopDog Law for your free consultation. You do not have to handle this on your own. We know your loved one’s rights and how to manage this case for your family. 

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