Sexual abuse is an incredibly traumatic experience, leaving indelible physical, emotional, and psychological scars on its victims. In the United States, a distressing incident of sexual abuse occurs every 68 seconds, as reported by RAINN, the Rape, Abuse, and Incest National Network.

This stark reality is not just alarming but a call to action. The failure of many organizations to protect victims and their attempts to conceal such heinous acts is both disheartening and unacceptable. Every victim of sexual abuse deserves the highest level of care and legal representation on their path to justice and healing.

In Michigan, sexual abuse can occur in settings we often consider safe – schools, workplaces, youth-based institutions, and even religious organizations.

At TopDog Michigan Sex Assault Lawyer, led by our founder, James Helm, we are dedicated to challenging and holding these organizations accountable. We stand with the survivors of sexual abuse, ready to fight for their rights and for the justice they deserve.

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At TopDog Law, our reach extends across the entire United States, but we have a strong focus on Michigan. We have the resources and experience of a national firm, and our understanding and experience in Michigan’s legal landscape make us uniquely equipped to manage your case with proficiency.
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The Devereux Lawsuit

An example of our impactful work in representing sexual abuse survivors is the Devereux Lawsuit. We are at the forefront of this case against the Devereux Foundation and its affiliates, representing survivors of childhood sexual abuse. 

These abuses, perpetrated under the guise of providing behavioral healthcare, highlight a disturbing trend of such crimes in supposedly safe environments.

Our firm’s legal action began with a groundbreaking lawsuit on behalf of 13 survivors, marking the largest group survivor lawsuit against Devereux to date. 

The case details reveal a disturbing pattern of systemic abuse by multiple employees. Instead of addressing and rectifying the abusive culture, Devereux has attempted to obscure these crimes.

Our commitment extends beyond this initial lawsuit as we continue to file additional legal actions against Devereux and its affiliates, demonstrating our dedication to seeking justice for those harmed.

Sexual Abuse Compensation

At TopDog Law, we are committed to ensuring that survivors receive full and fair compensation for their damages. Our approach addresses every way the sexual abuse has affected your life.

Types of Damages Available

  • Emotional Distress: Psychological trauma following sexual abuse can affect every aspect of your life. Our team ensures that your compensation reflects the depth of your emotional and psychological suffering.
  • Medical Expenses: The physical repercussions of sexual abuse often require medical attention, which can be expensive. Whether it’s immediate medical care or long-term therapy, we ensure that the financial burden of these treatments does not fall on you. We work to recover the full extent of your medical expenses, providing you the peace of mind to focus on your healing journey.
  • Lost Income: If the abuse has impacted your ability to work temporarily or permanently, you deserve compensation for lost income. We recognize the importance of your financial stability and livelihood. Our team recovers lost income, helping ease the economic strain the abuse may have caused.

Where Can Sexual Abuse Happen in Michigan?

In Michigan, sexual abuse cases have been reported in schools, workplaces, homes, and even within organizations trusted to care for the vulnerable. Michigan’s recent legislative actions, such as Senate Bill 66, which mandates comprehensive sexual assault and harassment education for students in grades six through twelve, underscore the severity of the issue in educational environments. This initiative reflects the alarming rates of abuse among young women and the need for proactive education and support.

Reports from institutions like the University of Michigan reveal an uptick in sexual crimes, including rape and assault, highlighting the ongoing challenges within higher education settings. These statistics, while alarming, may not fully capture the extent of the problem due to underreporting.

In recognizing April as Sexual Assault Awareness Month, Michigan acknowledges the broad scope of sexual abuse throughout the state. It is an issue that touches numerous communities, from urban areas like Detroit and Grand Rapids to smaller towns across the state.

Our Focus On Michigan Sexual Abuse Cases

At TopDog Law, we are committed to providing dedicated legal support for victims of sexual abuse in Michigan. Our focus includes many incidents and injuries, ensuring each client receives the comprehensive representation they need.

Types of Incidents We Handle

  • Workplace Harassment: Sexual abuse in the workplace can take many forms, from unwanted advances to coercive harassment. We are prepared to hold employers and perpetrators accountable.
  • Abuse in Educational Institutions: Schools and universities should be safe havens for learning and growth, but unfortunately, this isn’t always the case. We handle cases of abuse perpetrated by educators, staff, or fellow students, striving to bring justice to survivors and prevent further incidents.
  • Assault in Public or Private Spaces: Sexual abuse can occur in public spaces, private homes, and institutional settings. Our team is ready to handle cases that occur in these locations.

Types of Injuries We Handle

  • Psychological Trauma: The impact of sexual abuse goes far beyond the physical, often leaving deep psychological scars. We recognize the importance of addressing this trauma in our legal approach, advocating for the mental and emotional well-being of our clients.
  • Physical Injuries: Sexual abuse can result in physical harm, and we are committed to ensuring that survivors receive compensation for any medical treatments and ongoing healthcare needs related to their injuries.
  • Long-term Emotional Distress: The emotional toll of sexual abuse can last for years, impacting every aspect of a survivor’s life. Our firm is dedicated to securing compensation that acknowledges and addresses this long-term distress, providing a foundation for healing and recovery.

Battling Insurance Companies: Why You Need Us

Dealing with insurance companies in sexual abuse cases can be an uphill battle. These companies frequently employ various tactics to minimize claims or shift blame away from their policyholders. This can significantly complicate the path to obtaining fair compensation for survivors.

At TopDog Law, we have a deep understanding of these tactics and a proven track record of effectively countering them, ensuring that your voice is heard and giving your claim the serious attention it deserves.

One common strategy used by insurance companies is to question the severity of the psychological trauma and long-term emotional distress caused by sexual abuse. They might attempt to downplay these aspects, thereby reducing the perceived value of the claim.

Our firm counters this by documenting the emotional and psychological impact of the abuse, often collaborating with medical professionals and therapists to present a comprehensive view of your suffering.

Another tactic is challenging the credibility of the survivor. Insurance companies might insinuate that the incident did not occur as reported or question the timing of the claim. We are great at building strong, evidence-based cases that leave no room for such doubt, ensuring that the truth of your experience is clearly presented and defended.

Insurance companies may also try to settle claims quickly with offers far less than the survivor’s deserves. We understand the value of your claim and are skilled in negotiations to ensure that any settlement offer truly reflects the extent of your harm and loss.

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What to Do After an Incident: Steps to Strengthen Your Case

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