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Slip and fall accidents are the most common “premises liability” case. These cases are caused by a property owner failing to maintain or upkeep the premises causing injury to another person.

Serious slip and fall-related injuries account for the largest percentage, 21%, of all emergency room visits annually. Among age demographics, our parents and grandparents are the most likely to sustain serious falls. The CDC reports nearly one out of three adults aged 65 and older, experience a fall each year.

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What are Common Causes for Slip and Fall
Accidents? What Type of Accidents do the Slip
and Fall Attorneys at TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers Handle?

Slip and fall accidents occur when a property owner fails to make their property safe or remove a dangerous condition. Dangerous or hazardous conditions usually result from improper maintenance.

Some common causes for slip and fall accidents are:

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What Compensation Can I Get for a Slip and Fall Case?

Beware of Silent Injuries After a Slip and Fall

It is paramount that you seek medical attention as soon as possible after an accident. Even if you think your accident was minor, some types of slip and fall injuries can take time to show symptoms, some of which could lead to life-threatening conditions if not treated promptly.

What Can a TopDog Law Slip and Fall Attorney
Do for My Case?

Your slip and fall accident lawyer will begin by listening to your story and evaluating your claim during a free consultation. We’ll get to work immediately collecting evidence, including medical records, evidence from the scene of the accident, and additional information that can be used to strengthen your slip and fall claim.

Our knowledge of local laws and premises liability cases enables us to build a strong personal injury claim on your behalf with your best interests in mind. We will never pressure you to accept a settlement that’s less than you deserve.

Our law firm has the resources to reach out to outside experts who can evaluate your slip and fall injuries, if necessary, and provide valuable insight into how your damages have impacted your life and those of your loved ones. Your personal injury lawyer will negotiate with the insurance company whenever possible to reach a fair settlement. However, if the other party is unwilling to offer full and fair compensation, we won’t hesitate to hold a negligent property owner or other negligent party accountable in court. 

Our slip and fall accident attorneys will work to understand how your injury occurred and the impact it has had on your life to determine how we can most effectively pursue compensation for you. Moreover, we will ensure that the negligent property owners or entities responsible for your fall injury are held accountable for their actions. 

Proving Liability in a Slip and Fall Accident

At TopDogLaw, we understand that the heart of any successful slip and fall claim lies in establishing liability. This means proving that another party’s negligence led to the conditions that caused your accident and injuries.

Duty of Care

Property owners and occupiers have a legal responsibility, or "duty of care," to keep their premises reasonably safe for visitors. The specific level of care required can vary depending on the type of property and the visitor’s status. For example, businesses owe a high level of care to customers, while homeowners owe a different level of care to social guests or trespassers.

Establishing Negligence

To prove negligence, we must show that the property owner or occupier breached their duty of care. This could be due to their action (e.g., spilling a liquid and not cleaning it up), or their inaction (e.g., failing to repair a broken step or railing). Additionally, it must be demonstrated that the property owner or occupier was, or should have been, aware of the hazardous condition, and failed to take appropriate measures to rectify it.

Linking Negligence to Injury

Finally, proving liability requires demonstrating that the property owner or occupier’s negligence directly resulted in your slip and fall accident, leading to your injuries. This could mean showing, for instance, that you slipped on an uncleaned spill in a store and broke your arm as a result.

Slip and Fall Lawyers Near Me

TopDog Law has easy-to-access offices across the country. We also pride ourselves in being a text message away. Our lawyers routinely travel to meet clients in their homes or close to their homes. Do not hesitate to reach out to an experienced attorney if you are unable to travel to one of our locations. Reach out to a personal injury lawyer.

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