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Driving under the influence puts everyone’s life on the line. Intoxicated drivers cannot drive safely and, in too many situations, this leads to serious accidents with life-threatening injuries. As an injured victim, it is incredibly frustrating to experience preventable losses and not to know what to do to seek justice.

At TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers, we fully recognize what you are facing, and our Detroit drunk driving lawyers are poised to provide you with the aggressive legal representation you need in these difficult times. Consult with us for free today; start by calling (313) 751-9628 or using our online contact form.

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Your Guide to Drunk Driving Accidents in Detroit

Why Choose TopDog’s Detroit Drunk Driving Lawyers?

As a trusted, proven personal injury law firm, TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers provides aggressive advocacy to our clients. We recognize how much another person’s actions have changed your life, and we do everything we can to hold them accountable for those losses. When you decide to hire our Detroit personal injury attorney, you get qualified legal representation you can rely on to get you what you deserve.

Our Detroit office is located within a short drive of Downtown Detroit near the Financial District, making it very easy to get to. When you visit us, we will offer insight into your legal rights and how to pursue full compensation. Over the course of our experience, we have helped recover millions of dollars for our clients, helping those stricken by the actions of another to get the legal guidance they need.

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How Much Compensation Are You Owed After a Drunk Driving Accident?

A drunk driving accident can lead to costly losses, and as your attorney, our objective is to ensure you understand all of those costs so that we can file a claim that helps you recover as much as possible from these losses. To achieve this, our dedicated attorney will work very closely with you to estimate your losses, including in areas such as:

  • Medical bills, including emergency care and any ongoing costs you suffered
  • Lost time at work, including lost benefits
  • Property damage

Depending on the circumstances in your case, you may pursue pain and suffering and other types of non-economic losses. Though PIP rules apply in Michigan, they are not specifically applicable if you have serious injuries or permanent losses, which are often the case with DUIs. Our attorneys will calculate all your losses and then pursue a claim that matches that figure.

Where Do Accidents Occur in Detroit

Detroit has several dangerous streets, including along East Davison Street, Conant Street, and Linwood Street. DUIs can happen anywhere, including intersections like Mack Avenue and Helen Street, one of the most recognized dangerous intersections in the city.

Our drunk driving attorneys in Detroit have helped people get compensation when they have been struck on highways, residential areas, or commercial districts. If you suspect that drunk driving caused your accident, let us find the necessary evidence to prove you deserve compensation.

Drunk Driving Legal Services Matter

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It is not fair to you to settle your drunk driving accident claim quickly with the insurance company. Many people simply want to move on with their lives, but that can be very challenging to do if you do not receive the fair compensation you need. Insurance companies want to lower what they pay you. With the skilled legal representation of our Detroit drunk driving attorneys, you can show your case deserves additional compensation.

We handle all types of drunk driving accident cases, including:

  • Truck vs car: Truck drivers can easily cause devastating accidents when they are intoxicated.
  • Motorcycle accidents: If you are a motorcycle rider struck by a car driven by a person who is intoxicated, the chance of serious injury is very high.
  • Head-on collisions: When a driver departs from their lane or drives the wrong way, head-on collisions on busy streets often occur.
  • T-bone accidents: T-bones often occur at intersections when an intoxicated driver does not stop for cars passing through the intersection lawfully.
  • Rear-endings: These types of accidents commonly occur when a driver is stopped at a light, and the drunk driver fails to stop.

If you suffered an injury because another person was operating a vehicle intoxicated, we strongly urge you to seek immediate help from our Detroit drunk driving attorneys for guidance. The seriousness of your injuries is likely significant, and it is our goal to help you best understand all levels of compensation owed to you.

Drunk driving is serious in many situations because the driver often operates the vehicle at full speed and does not apply the brake to reduce some of the force. Many times, these are life-threatening accidents. Some of the most common injuries suffered by drunk driving victims include:

  • Loss of life
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Spinal cord damage leading to paralysis
  • Broken or shattered bones
  • Lacerations
  • Road rash
  • Burns
  • Disfigurement
  • Amputation

Often, this results in months of recovery and, often, permanent losses. Let our Detroit drunk driving lawyers support you throughout this process.

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We Fight the Insurance Company for You

Insurance companies will do all they can to reduce what they pay in a drunk driving case. Our job is to make sure they pay fairly, and that often requires pursuing full compensation for you. To do that, we will gather evidence and document the impact this accident has had on your life.

What to Do After a Drunk Driving Accident

Your priority is to focus on your recovery by continuing to get all recommended care for your needs. We encourage you to document all of your losses and provide your attorney with any insight into what occurred, how you are doing, and what complexities are worsening your situation, such as long-term recovery, ongoing pain, and loss of earning capacity.

Set Up a Consultation With Our Detroit Drunk Driving Attorneys to Discuss Your Case

Our Detroit drunk driving lawyers are ready to offer you insight. Contact TopDog Injury Lawyers now to discuss your case and what it may be worth. We offer free consultations to provide more insight into what your rights are. We fight for you because you did not deserve to suffer such losses. Contact us today online or call (313) 751-9628 for a free case evaluation.

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