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A dog bite changes your future, creating numerous risks for continued physical, emotional, and financial loss. When someone else’s pet caused these losses to you, and you are faced with severe injuries and other losses, it is time to get the legal help and guidance you need.

At TogDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers, our highly experienced and trusted Newark dog bite lawyers bring the fight to your case. We do everything we can to help you to pursue full compensation for the losses you have incurred. Call us today in Newark at (973) 620-2720 for your free case evaluation.

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Your Guide to Dog Bite Law in Newark

Why Trust Our Newark Dog Bite Lawyers With Your Case?

A dog bite claim is not always a simple process, and there are many instances in which the experience, aggressiveness, and knowledge of the attorney you hire make an incredible difference in your outcome. When you hire TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers to fight for you, you get skilled legal support and guidance no matter what you are up against. We have helped numerous clients recover compensation for the losses they have suffered. Throughout our history, we have helped clients recover millions of dollars in losses due to personal injuries like dog bites.

We do not just make promises to our clients. Instead, when you visit our law offices in Newark, right off Mt. Prospect Avenue, you gain the support of a trusted professional. We listen to our clients and create aggressive legal strategies that help them pursue the best possible outcome in their case. We know you are facing countless risks and want you to know that we care about your outcome. Expect our dog bite lawyers in Newark to work aggressively to protect your full right to compensation.

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How Much Your Dog Bite Case May Be Worth

As dog bite lawyers in Newark, our attorneys have helped clients recover far more compensation than they would have expected if they did not hire an attorney. That is because, without a doubt, insurance companies will not provide you with care compensation for your losses. We fight for every loss you have.

Your dog bite case in Newark is worth the value of all the losses you suffered. Those losses may include:

  • Emergency and ongoing medical bills
  • Lost time and benefits at work
  • Personal property damage
  • Emotional trauma and mental anguish
  • Pain and suffering
  • Disfigurement
  • Loss of quality of life

When you come into our office, we can provide insight into what your case may be worth after discussing the details of the incident with you. Expect us to always be transparent and honest with you about your expectations.

Where Do Dog Bites Happen in Newark?

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One of the best things about Newark is the abundance of dog parks and green space in general. From Branch Brook Park to the Essex County Branch Brook Dog Park itself, there are plenty of places you will find dogs. Yet, many of the dog attacks and bites occur in the community, along the residential streets that make up this city. That is where dogs lunge from their homes or take off from getting out of their owner’s backyard, causing havoc on the community when they do. No matter where this occurs, our Newark dog bite attorneys are ready to help you hold those owners accountable.

Our Dog Bite Law Firm in Newark Makes a Difference

The Newark dog bite attorneys at TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers are committed to providing our clients robust legal representation. That means we learn everything we can about your case and construct a comprehensive legal strategy for maximizing the compensation owed to you. We take all types of dog bite cases, including:

  • Dog attacks in public places: If a dog bit you in a park, on public property, or while walking along a city street, the owner can be responsible.
  • Dog attacks on your property: These attacks occur when a dog comes after you while you are on your own property, such as due to getting out of its backyard.
  • Dog attacks you at its home: If you are bitten while you are visiting the home of the dog, and you had the legal right to be there, you may be owed compensation.

Dog bites can lead to numerous injuries. Our Newark dog bite lawyers have helped clients with a wide range of injuries due to the negligence of dog owners. Some of the most common include:

In these situations, your losses can complicate every facet of your life. Let our Newark dog bite attorneys provide you with the legal representation you need to hold those who did this accountable.

We Fight the Owner’s Insurance Company for You

In most situations, the owner’s homeowners insurance is responsible for covering the losses victims suffer. Yet, many will not provide fair compensation until you demonstrate your losses. Let our Newark dog bite lawyers provide you with the confidence you need to ensure you maximize your compensation claim. Please do not wait to give us a call for the support you need to recover comprehensive damages.

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James Helm, Personal Injury Lawyer

What to Do After a Dog Bite

You likely have been to the hospital, received medical care, and been able to calm your nerves and fears. Now, it is time to put our attorneys to work for you. Here are a few things you can do now to protect your case:

  • Stay off social media in all ways.
  • Let us handle the insurance claim process for you.
  • Keep a journal of how you feel, your medical appointments, the lost time at work, and any other ways this injury has cost you.

Let our attorneys fight for you. Once you reach out to us, you can feel confident moving your case forward.

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