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Dog bite injuries can cause long-lasting damage, financial loss, and, for some people, emotional trauma. Any time you suffer a substantial dog bite with injuries requiring medical care, it is wise to turn to trusted Georgia dog bite lawyers for guidance and support in getting the compensation owed to you.

At TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers, our trusted, aggressive, and dedicated team is ready to fight for the compensation you are owed after such an incident. Call us at (404) 620-4059 for your free consultation. We will listen to your story and identify your best options for seeking compensation.

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It costs absolutely nothing to see if you have a case

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Your Guide to Dog Bite Law in Georgia

Put Your Trust In Our Experienced Georgia Dog Bite Attorneys

TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers is committed to providing our clients with the hands-on support they need in these difficult situations. When you meet with our dog bite lawyers in Georgia, you get one-on-one help to navigate your legal rights. We have experience helping clients navigate their challenges, including insurance companies that will not be fair and frustrated dog owners who may not be willing to talk to you.

Let us help alleviate your frustrations. Throughout our experience, we have helped our clients recover millions of dollars in losses. Many dog bite cases occur every year throughout Georgia, and often, victims do not know what they deserve in damages. Please take a moment now to book a free consultation with our Georgia dog bite attorneys. Our office is easy to get to right off Route 41 on Riverwood Parkway. Learn about us and our legal services. Then, call (404) 620-4059 and let us go to work to support you throughout this process.

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We Determine Your Losses After a Dog Bite

Dog bites can lead to costly losses for many people. The amount of loss is dependent on the severity of your injury as well as the overall complications you have. Our team at TopDog Personal Injury Lawyers determines your losses by calculating the financial value associated with:

  • Medical costs associated with your injuries
  • Any long-term rehab or care you need
  • Missed time at work and benefits
  • Property damage
  • Pain and suffering
  • Emotional trauma

We also look at how this incident will impact you for years to come. It may impact your ability to do your job or engage in activities you enjoy.

Where Do Dog Bites Happen in Georgia?

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It’s common to see dogs throughout the region at all parks, including along Rottenwood Creek Trail and the Akers Mill Trail. Yet, many dog bite accidents come from a simple walk in a neighborhood when a dog gets loose or is not controlled by the owner. Dog bites can occur on private property as well as on public property. No matter where they happen, they can cause disastrous outcomes.

Put Your Trust in Our GA Dog Bite Attorneys

Our dog bite attorneys in Georgia are committed to providing one-on-one support to help meet your needs. We know that a dog bite is much more than a simple wound. It may cause serious injury to your muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Some create deep tissue damage requiring surgery. Other times, they cause significant injury and deformity. Because of the complexity of any serious dog bite, we strongly encourage you to speak to an attorney if you have suffered this type of serious accident. Put our team to work to determine what went wrong and who is responsible for your losses. We will also help calculate how this dog bite has impacted your quality of life. When you put our attorneys to work for you, we do all we can to dig deep. We help clients facing a wide range of losses, including:
  • Dog bites on private property
  • Dogs that bite victims on your own property
  • Bites that occur on public parks or trails
  • Bites that occur on government property or school grounds
It does not matter where this accident occurred. You may be owed compensation for your losses if you suffered an injury because someone did not control their dog or was reckless. Some of the losses our clients experience include:
  • Traumatic brain injuries if they fall and hit their head
  • Lacerations and tissue damage
  • Wound punctures that lead to infections
  • Damage to nerves causing pain and loss of sensation
  • Damage to functions, including walking or using an arm or hand
Let us help you determine your losses. It starts with a consultation with our dog bite attorneys in Georgia. There is no cost or obligation, and we can offer numerous options and insights.

Let Us Fight the Insurance Company On Your Behalf

Our Georgia dog bite attorneys are just a call away. We have experience dealing with insurance companies and their claims processes. We do not let them take advantage of you further. Instead, we work to provide evidence to verify your losses. If they are treating you unfairly, we will seek legal action in a court of law. We work closely with you to ensure you know your rights every step of the way.

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What You Need to Do After a Dog Bite

If you are a victim, you deserve support. Contact our dog bite attorneys in Georgia for immediate help. Then, work with us for the guidance you need in navigating all aspects of the law.

In the meantime, we encourage you to do the following:

  • Get all of the follow-up medical care you need.
  • Seek specialist care if it can help, and your doctor recommends it.
  • Start a journal to document how this injury is impacting you.
  • Work with our legal team to gather witness statements or more information on your losses.
  • Stay off social media so you do not put your case at risk.

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