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The death of a loved one is always devastating. When another party is responsible for that death, the situation only worsens. You need an experienced Springfield wrongful death lawyer by your side who can fight the legal battle for you.

At TopDog Law, we carry the weight of these disputes, leaving you to focus on healing and remembrance. We bring our expertise and dedication to every case we handle and are driven by passion and expertise to do what’s right for our clients.

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Why Choose TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers?

After the death of a loved one, you might struggle emotionally and financially. If someone else’s negligence or misconduct caused their death, you may feel equally frustrated and helpless.

Springfield Wrongful Death Attorney, James Helm

That’s why TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers prioritize guiding our clients through these challenging times and ensuring they get the justice they deserve.

Working with the experienced attorneys in our Springfield office means simplifying a typically complex and daunting process. We operate on a contingency fee basis to ensure everyone can seek justice in a wrongful death lawsuit, regardless of their financial situation. This means you don’t have to worry about upfront legal fees and only pay us if we win your case.

We treat every wrongful death case in Springfield as unique. Our team conducts a comprehensive investigation, collaborates with experts for testimonies, and leverages our negotiation and trial skills to determine the actual value of your case and fight for the full compensation you deserve.

TopDog Law has secured numerous verdicts and settlements for clients in wrongful death cases. Visit our office in Springfield, just south of Cardinal O’Hara High School and North of Springfield Country Club, for help and initial consultation.

How Much Is My Wrongful Death Case Worth?

No amount of compensation can replace the loss of your loved one. But understanding how much compensation you might get from a lawsuit can alleviate the financial burden and provide some form of justice.

Springfield Wrongful Death Lawyer

The Pennsylvania State Constitution prohibits any limit to economic and non-economic damage recovery in wrongful death lawsuits. That means you can recover as much compensation as needed to account for tangible and intangible costs the death incurred.

The damages you may recover include:

  • Any direct economic loss, such as medical bills before the death, funeral expenses, and loss of the deceased’s expected income and benefits for beneficiaries.
  • Non-economic loss, including the pain and suffering the victim’s loved ones incur and the loss of love, companionship, and any other emotional and psychological loss they suffer due to the victim’s death.

The compensation in wrongful death cases can vary widely depending on:

  • The deceased’s age and health condition before the accident.
  • The deceased’s earning capacity before the accident.
  • The circumstances of the survivors.
  • The nature of the wrongful act.

The quality of the evidence can significantly influence the outcome. Engaging experienced wrongful death lawyers like TopDog Law as your legal representation is crucial to getting the justice and compensation you deserve.

Where Do Accidents Occur in Springfield, PA?

In Springfield, the common causes of wrongful death cases closely mimic the national trend. Auto accidents top the list, with speeding, distracted driving, and drunk driving often being the primary culprits.

Medical malpractice, particularly surgical errors and misdiagnoses, follows closely. Other common causes include workplace accidents in industries such as construction and manufacturing and cases of intentional violence.

As a suburb of Philadelphia with a population density of more than 3,700 residents per square mile, Springfield sees numerous accidents every year that can lead to the death of one or more victims.

While there is no obvious accident black spot, the intersection between PA State Route 1 and Interstate 476 tends to see heavy traffic that can become dangerous. East Baltimore Pike, a multi-lane thoroughfare often busy during rush hour and popular shopping times, is also notorious for car crashes.

Springfield, PA, has grown steadily, according to recent Census data, leading to an ongoing stream of construction projects that may become dangerous for workers and passersby.

The Basics of Wrongful Death Cases in Springfield

A wrongful death claim arises when a person loses their life due to another individual or entity’s negligence or intentionally harmful acts.

These fatal incidents cover a wide range of situations, including:

  • Car accidents.
  • Medical malpractice.
  • Workplace accidents.
  • Cases of intentional violence.

Identifying the wrongful act that caused the death is the initial step in filing a wrongful death claim.

To pursue a wrongful death claim in Springfield, you must prove that the defendant had a duty of care to the deceased, that the defendant breached that duty through negligence or intentional acts, and that this breach directly resulted in the death.

You also need legal standing, which means demonstrating that the death affected you directly.  For this reason, a representative of the deceased’s estate usually files the claim on behalf of surviving family members and other affected parties.

Potential Responsible Parties in a Springfield Wrongful Death Lawsuit

Various parties may be responsible in wrongful death cases. Your loved one may pass due to injuries incurred in a car crash that someone else caused; a corporation may have kept an unsafe workplace that led to injuries causing death; or a hospital’s medical malpractice may be the cause of the fatality. Even the government may be responsible if the accident occurred on its property and someone acting as a government agent failed in their duty.

The type of evidence you need and the approach you use to pursue a claim may vary depending on the potentially responsible parties; therefore, working with a law firm experienced in this type of case, such as TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers, is important.

The Process of a Wrongful Death Claim

The specifics of your case may influence the process you use to pursue a wrongful death claim. You should, however, start by hiring a lawyer who can gather evidence on your behalf to establish liability.

Your attorney may then decide to file a complaint in court, after which they’ll exchange information in the discovery process. If your lawyer and the defendant cannot reach a settlement, the case may go to trial, and the presented facts and evidence will determine its outcome.

Wrongful Death Claim vs. Survival Action in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, your lawyer can help you submit two separate claims when a loved one passes due to another party’s negligence or misconduct.

TopDog Law attorneys may file a wrongful death claim and survival action on your behalf.

  • A wrongful death claim allows family members and other beneficiaries of the deceased to recover damages for the losses related to the death itself. In other words, you can receive compensation because the passing of your loved one damaged you.
  • A survival action is a claim that comes from the estate of the deceased. Pennsylvania law allows the estate to file this claim if the injured party filed a personal injury lawsuit before their death. A survivor action claim focuses on the victim’s pain and suffering prior to their death and allows the estate to act on the injured party’s behalf. It can help you recover medical bills, lost income, and other compensation for the time between the injury that caused the fatality and the death itself.

A wrongful death claim and survivor action have to be separate, but the same person can file them. Work with our Springfield office to see if you may be eligible to file one or both claims and recover the damages from losing your loved one.

Fighting the Insurance Company

In most cases, the responsible party’s insurance company will pay the damages from your wrongful death claim; unfortunately, that makes cases like these so difficult to manage on your own. Insurance companies are for-profit entities and will do anything within their power to avoid paying damages on their client’s behalf.

They will actively push to establish that their client was not responsible for the death of your loved one. They might dispute the evidence, find evidence to the contrary, or try to obfuscate the facts of the case. They also have experience in the process and plenty of legal representation in their own right.

Instead of fighting this massive fight alone, let your lawyer handle any interactions with insurance companies. As your legal representative, they will act on your behalf, ensuring that the evidence in your case is strong enough to support your claim. They’ll also know how to avoid any traps the insurance company may try to set, such as attempting to get you to inadvertently admit fault, and fight for justice on your behalf.

How to Start a Wrongful Death Lawsuit in Springfield

In the wake of a tragic loss, it’s natural to feel overwhelmed and unsure of your next steps. But time is of the essence for this type of lawsuit. The statute of limitations for wrongful death claims in Pennsylvania is two years, and you could lose or find it more difficult to gather valuable evidence over time. Quick action can significantly strengthen your claim.

Begin by contacting a lawyer who can take on the work on your behalf. Look for an attorney with extensive experience in wrongful death lawsuits, specifically these cases in Springfield and Pennsylvania. Schedule an initial consultation to get started.

Information to Bring to Your Initial Consultation

At TopDog Law, we use the first consultation to help our clients start off on the right foot. Having key information on hand when you arrive for your initial visit will help us to evaluate your case accurately.

Key information that you may bring includes:

  • Details about the deceased and their relationship to you.
  • Details about the incident that caused the death.
  • Any medical records, bills, and other correspondence that documents the incident and what happened to the victim afterward.
  • Any evidence of financial impact resulting from the victim’s death.

Sharing this information may be difficult, especially when you are still mourning the loss of your loved one. Because TopDog Law attorneys have experience in wrongful death lawsuits, we will guide you through the legal process and gather any additional information and records you need while remaining supportive and mindful of your well-being.

Keep records and any documentation you have, but don’t try to gather evidence related to the case alone. Meet with our lawyers in Springfield as soon as possible so we can take on your case and manage the necessary legal work on your behalf.

Contact TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers for Your Wrongful Death Claim

When you find yourself in a wrongful death claim, seek legal guidance. A dedicated attorney can navigate the claim on your behalf while also providing professional guidance on the nuances of the case every step of the way.

Because of their serious nature, wrongful death cases involve many legal complexities that require skilled handling for a chance at just compensation. As seasoned Springfield personal injury lawyers, we understand these cases and can use our knowledge and experience to your advantage. By entrusting your case to us, you gain a dedicated team committed to fighting for your rights.

James Helm, Attorney for Wrongful Death in Springfield
James Helm, Springfield Wrongful Death Lawyer

Contact our Springfield office today for a free, no-obligation consultation. Our team of attorneys is ready to hear your story, assess your case, and guide you through your options.

You are not alone in this fight. TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers are just a call away, ready to provide professional legal guidance and support to help you navigate this challenging period. Reach out to us at (888) 778-1197 today.

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