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If you suffered an injury at work or were diagnosed with an occupational illness, you may be wondering what your options are. Whether or not you can go back to work, there are likely to be several challenges you are facing, including financial loss, pain, and limitations to your physical well-being. Our Chicago workers’ comp attorneys at TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers are ready to guide you.

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Your Guide to Workers’ Comp in Chicago

Depend on Our Experience as Your Workers’ Comp Attorneys in Chicago

Trusted, experienced, authentic, and passionate are all words you can use to describe the legal services provided by the trusted team at TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers in our Chicago office. Located just down the street from Sherman Park and right off W. 54th Street, our attorneys are available to answer your questions and provide you with legal guidance on your options after a workplace injury.

There are numerous reasons to trust our team for this type of legal matter. That starts with experience. Our attorneys know how to take on even the largest employers and insurance companies to hold them accountable for your losses. You will learn how aggressively we fight for our clients when you meet at our office or the nearby coffee shop. We know this workplace injury is impacting your life. We want to ensure you get every opportunity to overcome the limitations it has created.

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What Is a Workers’ Compensation Claim in Chicago Worth?

One of our objectives is to find the maximum compensation possible for your workplace injury or occupational illness so that you recover as much as possible. Your claim may be eligible for compensation if you suffered an injury while on the job and performing work-related tasks. Typically, your workers’ compensation claim will include:

  • Up to two-thirds of your average weekly income during the period when you cannot work
  • Medical bills associated with your injury
  • Job training if necessary because you cannot go back to the same job
  • Physical therapy and recovery to the best degree possible
  • Total permanent compensation if you are unable to work at all due to your injuries or illness

Each case is very different. With our experienced Chicago workers’ comp attorneys, you can expect us to be exhaustive in determining the benefits or settlement you deserve. We fight for your full recovery.

Where Do Workers’ Compensation-Related Accidents Happen in Chicago?

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Chicago has a diverse economy, with jobs ranging from finance and research to tech and manufacturing. Any job can create an unsafe work environment if safety regulations are not in place, poor management, or other types of negligence occur. As your trusted, dedicated team of workers’ comp lawyers in Chicago, we will help you regardless of your employer.

Chicago’s largest employers include companies as far-reaching as Caterpillar, Wintrust Financial Corporation, Northern Trust, and many others. These companies are not necessarily problematic in terms of providing a safe environment. In fact, most companies do not set out to be malicious to employees. Yet accidents can happen at any location. Our attorneys will fight for you when they do occur.

Our Workers’ Comp Attorneys are Ready to Help You

When you are facing a workplace injury or diagnosis of an occupational illness due to the incidents occurring at your place of employment, you deserve fair compensation. We know how to make sure your rights remain protected. To do that, we learn as much as possible about what occurred and why it happened. We dive into what could have been done (or should have been done) to minimize your risks. Some of the types of work-related injury cases we take on include:

  • Falls from heights: Often due to unstable conditions or poor safety protections in place
  • Electrical injuries: Often caused by poorly maintained systems and equipment
  • Equipment failures: Due to poor maintenance, manufacturing defects, or misuse
  • Slips and falls: Including those related to poorly maintained surfaces or unsafe clutter
  • Repetitive motion injuries: This includes any injury in which you engage in the same repeated motion that causes damage
  • Chemical exposure: Chemical exposure can occur as a result of a wide range of chemical exposures on the job, failed safety equipment, or toxic equipment handling.

These are just some workplace accident claims our Chicago workers’ comp attorneys have experience handling. Let us get to know what happened in your case. Among the injuries we see include:

Expect our attorneys to fight for you no matter what happens in your case. Talk to us during a free consultation about your situation.

Let Us Take on the Insurance Companies

Workers’ compensation insurance companies will do all they can to minimize your benefits. We fight to make sure that does not happen, always ready to negotiate for the full amount you deserve. Contact TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers and let us ensure you are treated fairly by the insurance company that owes you benefits under the law.

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James Helm, Personal Injury Lawyer

What Should You Do After a Work Injury?

You know to get medical care and report your injury to your employer. From there, your next steps can be the most critical. Start with contacting attorneys who know how to help victims of workplace injuries. Then, document your accident, your injuries, the financial costs you are out, and any complications you have. It can help to build your case.

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