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TopDog Law | SEPTA Bus Collision

A car collided with a SEPTA bus in West Philadelphia back in February, leaving a driver in critical condition. The police reports say the impact of the crash was so strong that it knocked the trolley off it’s tracks. TopDog Law is always prepared to help when there is a car accident.

Firefighters worked several minutes trying to free the driver from the car. Once freed, they took the driver to Penn Presbyterian Medical Center.

Additionally, the trolley driver was taken to the hospital due to neck and back pain. Thankfully, he was in stable condition.

So what happens when an accident involves public transportation? Despite popular belief, those injured can be compensated for their pain and suffering. This is where TopDog Law comes in! Our Philadelphia personal injury lawyers are trained to help you get back on your feet. Call us at 800-215-7211 or send us a message to speak with someone and get a free consultation.