Former students that attended Glen Mills Reformatory School are coming forward to tell their stories of abuse from the school. The newest round of stories is joining the hundreds that other students have already told. These students are suing the institution for abuse that has occurred for decades.

Students that attended Glen Mills found themselves fearing for their lives but also quiet about the events that occurred. There were beatings, threats, rapes, assault, and more that the students fell silent about.

Glen Mills School is the oldest reform school in the country for court-ordered boys. It is located in Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The school created a toxic environment for the students, intimidating the boys but putting on a perfect facade to the rest of the country.

The first class-action lawsuit was filed against Glen Mills School on March 27, 2019, by Berger Montague PC. This was the first class-action lawsuit against Glen Mills on behalf of the former students.

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