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Sexual abuse is prevalent in today’s world, but it often goes unreported. The targets of this crime, overcome with shame and fear, frequently choose to remain silent.

But there’s a long-overdue movement toward holding perpetrators accountable. Survivors need empathy and support to empower them to report these crimes and demand that offenders pay for their actions.

We can hold not just the individual who abused your or your loved one accountable, but the employers and volunteer organizations that negligently hired and supervised them, too.

The TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers team of Houston sexual abuse attorneys provides top care and tireless representation to survivors of this horrendous crime. Whether you’re facing a large corporation, a powerful individual, or some other figure, we have the experience to deliver justice in your sexual abuse case.

By calling us, you do more than empower yourself. You protect others from the person who abused you and the institution that hired and might have even shielded them rather than protecting you.

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Why Hire TopDog Law as Your Houston Sexual Abuse Attorney?

TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers provides compassionate support and relentless advocacy in every case of workplace sexual assault we handle in Houston and nationwide. We have the dedication and knowledge to fight diligently for justice in your case.

TopDog Founder James Helm has experienced life’s challenges. A highly competitive athlete, James fought through an addiction to painkillers in his youth. His will to compete and excel helped him overcome this test and drove him to build a successful nationwide law firm. James knows how to fight for you and has instilled those values throughout his firm.

Are you ready to trust a team of experienced lawyers committed to holding sexual abusers accountable? Call (713) 231-5633, or contact us online today.

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Sexual Abuse Comes in Many Forms

There are, unfortunately, many kinds of sexual abuse:
  • Sexual assault, such as rape and unwanted sexual contact
  • Child sexual abuse, which occurs on average 463,634 times per year in our society
  • Sexual assault of men and boys can present more challenges because of societal attitudes and stereotypes
  • Intimate partner sexual violence that occurs within relationships
  • Incest and unwanted sexual contact from a family member
  • Drug-facilitated sexual assault
  • Stalking, which can escalate into greater threats
  • Using technology such as digital photos, videos, apps, or social media for harassment or unwanted sexual interactions
  • Sexual exploitation by care providers who exploit their position of trust for sexual purposes
  • Elder abuse
In many of these cases, survivors might blame themselves, but survivors are never responsible for sexual abuse. Get an attorney to support you and hold the offender accountable.

Damages in Sexual Abuse Cases, Explained

Guilty verdicts in sexual abuse cases often assess damages. These are compensation for the losses suffered by the survivors and can include compensatory, non-economic, and punitive damages. Here’s a breakdown of each.

Compensatory Damages for Sexual Abuse

Compensatory damages compensate the survivors for their injuries and losses.

They can include:

  • Medical expenses – Covering costs related to medical evaluations, injury treatment, emotional trauma counseling, and medications
  • Lost wages – Compensation for income lost during recovery
  • Loss of earning capacity – If the abuse affects a survivor’s ability to earn income in the future
  • Property damage – For any property damaged during the incident

Non-Economic Damages for Sexual Abuse

Non-economic damages can vary because they’re less tangible.

They include:

  • Emotional distress – Compensation for the psychological impact of the assault
  • Pain and suffering – Covering the pain endured by the survivor
  • Loss of consortium – Compensation for the effects on personal relationships
  • Loss of enjoyment of life – Reflecting the diminished quality of life due to the abuse

Punitive Damages for Sexual Abuse

Punitive damages punish the wrongdoer and discourage similar actions in the future.

A skilled attorney will build a solid case to explain why you deserve maximum compensation for your sexual abuse case. 

How to Prepare for Your Sexual Abuse Case

To pursue a sexual abuse case against the perpetrator:
  • Be diligent about medical treatments and counseling – Make your health and well-being your top priorities. Seek counseling if you haven’t already because sexual abuse can have long-lasting implications on your mental health. 
  • Save items associated with the assault – Gather and store any items without washing them, including clothing, bedding, or anything that might contain the perpetrator’s DNA. Immediately turn these items over to the police or to our lawyers.
  • Compile a complete account of the assault – A detailed, honest account of what happened is another essential element of your case. Include information about the assault, date/time, location, and other relevant details. Do this immediately because memories fade over time, and store it in a safe place.
  • Consider reporting the incident to the police – Authorities often label sexual assault, particularly rape, the most underreported crime in the U.S., with more than two of every three rapes going unreported. Sexual assault survivors often feel shame after the crime and don’t want others to know about it. In this case, you can file a blind report to report the assault without initially revealing your identity.
  • Get emotional support – You’ll have to discuss sensitive personal information when preparing a sexual abuse case, so it often helps to have a family member or one of our lawyers with you when talking with the police.
Every sexual assault survivor deserves justice and the chance to heal. Consult our Houston sexual abuse attorneys to hold abusers accountable.
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Choose TopDog Law to Get the Justice and Damages You Deserve

Sexual assault survivors often go through a flood of traumatic emotions. They frequently blame themselves and feel shame, anxiety, and fear that others won’t take them seriously. These feelings can have long-lasting effects on your relationships and mental health.

TopDog Law Personal Injury Lawyers in Houston know that no survivors are responsible for a sexual assault perpetrated against them. We have an empathetic team with deep experience in supporting sexual assault survivors, helping them navigate the legal system, and winning compensation to help them get back on track.  

Are you ready to trust the Houston sexual abuse attorneys that can win full accountability and damages? Call us at (713) 231-5633 or contact us online to set up a free, confidential consultation.

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