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At TopDog Law, we understand how frustrating and painful it is to suffer serious injuries on someone else’s property. When a property owner or manager fails to take reasonable measures to keep their premises safe, people can get seriously hurt. 

Property owners have a legal duty to take reasonable steps to ensure their property is safe for residents, workers, and visitors.

At TopDog Law, our personal injury lawyers know Texas premises liability law. We know maintaining a safe environment is a major responsibility. But we also know how failing to do so can have severe consequences.

If you or a loved one were injured due to someone’s negligence, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact TopDog today to speak with one of our experienced personal injury lawyers, including our Texas Premises Liability Lawyer, about your case. We’re here to help you on the path to recovery.

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Why Choose TopDog for Your Texas Premises Liability Case?

Choosing the right personal injury lawyer can make a huge difference in your premises liability case. At TopDog Law, our team is committed to advocating for our clients and pursuing the maximum compensation allowed by law. Attorney James Helm founded TopDog on the principles of fierce client advocacy and an aggressive pursuit of justice. When you choose TopDog for your Texas premises liability claim, you get:
  1. A Proven Track Record: We have obtained numerous high-dollar settlements and verdicts for clients.
  2. A Client-Centered Approach: Your recovery is our top priority; we adapt strategies to your needs. 
  3. Resourcefulness and Determination: We leverage extensive resources to build a compelling case for you.
  4. No Upfront Costs: We work on a contingency basis. You pay nothing unless we win your case.
  5. We Know Texas Law: Our deep understanding of Texas premises liability and personal injury law allows us to build a strong case for you.
Trust TopDog to guide you to a winning resolution of your Texas premises liability case with the support, resources, and insight needed to pursue the best possible outcome.
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What Types of Premises Liability Cases Does TopDog Handle?

Texas is a giant state with bustling cities and metro areas, small towns, wide open spaces, and a variety of environments from our eastern shores to our western deserts. Injuries can occur in a flash in any of these places when property owners neglect to take the proper steps and measures to maintain safe conditions. 

We handle a wide range of premises liability claims, including:

  • Amusement park accidents
  • Apartment building accidents (faulty lighting, hazardous stairwells, etc.)
  • Assault, homicide  due to negligent security
  • Building code violations leading to injuries
  • Burn injuries and other fire-related injuries
  • Carbon monoxide poisoning
  • Defective or lack of property maintenance
  • Dog bites
  • Elevator and escalator accidents
  • Exposure to toxic substances (mold, asbestos, lead, etc.)
  • Falling debris or objects
  • Gym and health club accidents
  • Hotel and motel accidents
  • Poor lighting that promotes crime and accidents
  • Lack of property repairs
  • Negligent hiring or training of employees
  • Parking lot and parking garage accidents
  • Playground and recreational area accidents
  • Pool accidents and drowning 
  • Porch or balcony collapse
  • Slip and fall accidents
  • Structural defects

What Should I Do if an Insurance Company Contacts Me?

Keep in mind that any insurance company’s top interest is to maximize its profits, usually at the expense of paying out policyholder claims. Insurance companies train adjusters to reduce the company’s financial obligations to policyholders as much as possible.

Insurance companies train adjusters to reduce the company’s financial obligations as much as possible. If an insurance adjuster from the at-fault party’s insurer contacts you after a premises liability injury, it’s best to avoid speaking with them directly.

Communicating with them can weaken or jeopardize your compensation claim.

While accepting an insurance company’s settlement offer may be tempting, you will almost certainly leave money on the table and waive your right to sue for additional damages later.

When you hire TopDog for your Texas premises liability claim, you can leave the insurance companies to us. We will fight for your maximum compensation, as we have for thousands of clients across Texas and the U.S. We’ll take your claim to court when insurers fail to pay what you need and deserve.

Proving Negligence in a Premises Liability Case

To prove negligence in a premises liability case, we must demonstrate four elements:
  1. Establishing Duty of Care: Showing the property owner owed you a responsibility to maintain a safe environment. 
  2. Breach of Duty: Providing evidence that the property owner failed to uphold this duty.
  3. Causation: Demonstrating the property owner’s breach directly caused your accident.
  4. Damages: Proving your injuries resulted from the accident.
Maintenance records, witness statements, and surveillance footage are some of the evidence that plays a critical role in demonstrating negligence and supporting your premises liability claim.
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Comparative Negligence in Texas Premises Liability Cases

In Texas, premises liability cases follow a “modified comparative negligence” rule. This rule is important because it assigns a percentage of fault to all parties involved. That percentage of fault then determines how much compensation you may receive.

If the court determines that you were partly responsible for the incident that caused your injuries, then your compensation will be reduced by that percentage.

Texas law negates your ability to collect any compensation if you share 51% or more of the blame for the accident or incident that injured you.

Understanding and effectively managing comparative negligence is vital to maximizing your compensation. TopDog will work to build a strong claim that minimizes your fault percentage and maximizes your compensation.

How Does Foreseeability Affect My Texas Premises Liability Case?

Was the property owner aware that dangerous accidents or incidents could occur on their property? Should they have foreseen the risks? Foreseeability is an important factor that can significantly impact a premises liability case’s outcome and potential payout. 

For instance, crimes continually occur at a particular gas station, yet the owner repeatedly fails to fix broken surveillance cameras or improve the lighting around the station’s exterior.  

An experienced lawyer understands how to build a strong argument that the property owner should have reasonably foreseen and prevented the hazardous condition that caused your injuries. Establishing greater foreseeability on the defendant’s part can lead to higher compensation awards. 

What Compensation Can I Receive For My Injuries?

In Texas premises liability cases, victims may be eligible for various types of compensation, categorized as economic and non-economic damages.  Economic Damages: Specific, calculable costs associated with the injury, including:
  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages  
  • Loss of Future Earning Capacity
  • Property Damage
Non-Economic Damages: Quantifiable damages for more subjective, non-monetary consequences, such as: If a fatal premises liability accident resulted in losing a loved one, you and your family may pursue wrongful death claims to cover funeral costs, loss of companionship, and other associated losses. TopDog’s personal injury lawyers will work closely with you to assess all your damages and losses. We take care to accurately value every aspect of your claim because we strive to secure compensation that reflects the full extent of your losses.

Steps to Take After a Premises Liability Accident

If you are in a Texas premises liability incident, immediately:

  • Seek medical care.
  • Report the incident to the property owner or manager.  
  • Document everything: take photos, get names of witnesses, keep records of injuries and treatment.
  • Avoid talking directly with insurance companies.
  • Avoid discussing the incident on social media.
  • Consult a premises liability lawyer at TopDog Law.

Acting quickly is essential to building your premises liability case. Evidence can disappear over time, witnesses may forget details, surveillance footage may be erased, the physical site of an accident may change, and documents may go missing. Taking prompt action helps preserve valuable evidence.

Contact a Texas Premises Liability Lawyer

If you have suffered an injury on someone else’s property, you will need an experienced legal team to build, negotiate, and resolve your case. Attempting to handle it alone could substantially undermine the compensation you can receive. 

Call TopDog Law today at (713) 231-5633. We provide free consultation, and we won’t get paid unless we settle or win your case. Our Texas personal injury lawyers will be your biggest allies in this fight, both inside and outside the courtroom, and we will remain dedicated to securing the best possible outcome for you.

James Helm, Personal Injury Lawyer
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