Do I Need a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Even If I Have Motorcycle Insurance?

There are two main reasons that you will want to maintain motorcycle insurance for as long as you have your bike. First, it’s a legal requirement and letting it lapse can lead to legal trouble. More importantly, it provides you with the protection you need in the event you are involved in a serious traffic accident. Unfortunately, receiving compensation from your insurance company is sometimes more difficult than people expect. Insurance companies try to save as much money as possible on any claim, so it sometimes becomes necessary to hire an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer to help you get adequate compensation.

Why Hire a Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Attorney as Soon as Possible?

After you have been in an accident, there will be dozens of concerns demanding your attention. From the moment the accident occurs, you’ll be concerned with collecting evidence and contact information for the other drivers, while also making plans to receive medical treatment. Amid all of the chaos, you should prioritize consulting a motorcycle accident lawyer Philadelphia.

The primary reason hiring an attorney is such a pressing concern is that the insurance company will waste little time in contacting you. An adjuster may even come to your hospital room to offer you a settlement. While that may sound good, the offer will be low and won’t be enough to fully cover the damages you have suffered. For this reason, the insurance agent will try to pressure you into signing off on the offer. If you do allow yourself to be persuaded to accept the offer, you’ll waive your right to seek additional damages.

If you haven’t hired an experienced motorcycle accident attorney by this time, the best thing to do is to tell the adjuster your attorney will be in touch. Of course, your next action should be to consult an experienced lawyer, so you can have a legal advocate speaking on your behalf. An attorney will have a better grasp of the damages you have suffered, so he’ll be better able to get you the most money possible for your injuries

Never Speak to the Insurance Company Without Your Philadelphia Motorcycle Accident Lawyer Present.

It’s important to limit what you do say to an insurance adjuster and you should avoid discussing the case at all. Even a seemingly innocent remark may end up getting twisted and taken out of context in an effort to make you look partly responsible for the accident or your injuries. Instead, the adjuster should be asked to leave until your attorney can be present.
Along similar lines, don’t allow the insurance agent to make voice recordings of your conversations. At the time, the agent will tell you the recording is just to ensure their records are accurate. While that may make sense, the insurance company will also use the recordings as evidence against you in court. The agent may lead you to answer questions in such a way that it sounds like you’re admitting fault in the accident when your responses are taken out of context.

What Damages Can You Collect?

First, you are entitled to reimbursement for medical treatment. This includes initial treatment, as well as any need for ongoing care, physical therapy, or medication. Since your injuries may have caused you to miss days or weeks from work, your lawyer may also be able to obtain compensation for your lost wages. If the accident left you disabled or unable to return to your previous career, you may also receive compensation for your loss of income.

Second, just as is the case with any auto accident claim, you’ll also be eligible for property damages. The goal is to return your property, such as your motorcycle, to the same condition it was in before the accident. We can help get you a new bike.

Other damages your lawyer will likely seek to include pain and suffering. This is an attempt to quantify the adverse effects the accident had on your life and on your health. This is also used to address the psychological damages the accident had on you. Many people don’t realize that a serious motorcycle accident can leave one emotionally scarred. In fact, many accident victims end up in counseling for PTSD, which is a serious psychological disorder.

Suppose your loved one was operating the motorcycle and the accident was fatal. In that case, your family may want to enlist the help of a Philadelphia motorcycle accident attorney to file a wrongful death claim. This is a similar type of claim, except that a representative for the family files the claim. In this case, some of the same damages may be sought, such as medical expenses incurred leading up to the individual’s death. Compensation for the loss of income may also be requested.

In a wrongful death claim, the suit may also cite damages to cover the costs of the funeral and burial or cremation. These expenses can be significant, so the individual or entity at fault for the accident will be expected to reimburse the family for this burden. Additionally, damages for the loss of companionship, guardianship, or consortium may also be sought. Although these are non-monetary damages, a value will be placed on these losses so the family can receive some compensation.


There Is No Up-Front Cost to Hire TopDog Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

A motorcycle accident often leaves injured victims in severe financial hardship. On top of the medical care costs and loss of work, creditors will also be seeking payment. This is why accident lawyers work for a contingency fee. Instead of paying an upfront fee to your lawyer, you receive a free initial consultation and the attorney works for a percentage of your settlement or award. This helps you get the representation you need without having to worry about the costs of hiring a lawyer. It also ensures that your attorney will work hard to obtain the best possible outcome in your case. Whether your lawyer negotiates a fair settlement or pursues an award in court, he will strive to ensure you receive adequate compensation for your losses and damages.

Most people may still feel uncertain as to whether or not they should hire a lawyer to handle their motorcycle accident. The simple answer is that consulting us can cause you no harm. If we can’t help you, we will let you know in the initial consultation and you’ll be free to file your claim as you normally would have done. It’s better to be safe than sorry.

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