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What To Do After A Car Accident

The Top things you need to know after getting into a Philadelphia car accident.

Car accidents are frightening experiences. You could be injured. A Loved one could be injured. There can be massive amounts of damage to your car or other property. Its hectic and loud. And if you are injured, you may be worried about paying for medical care and missing work. Afterall, how are you supposed to pay for medical expenses if you can’t go to work?

What do you do next? Do you talk to the other drivers or people involved in the accident? Do you call your insurance company? Do you call the police? Do you need a lawyer?

In order to get paid the most on your accident, it is important that you know what to do and what NOT to do after a car accident. One mistake can be the difference between $100,00 in your pocket and you owing $100,000 in medical bills.

Immediately After a Car Accident

Take a breath. Adrenaline right after a crash can cause you to forget certain things and numb you to serious pain. Here are some important steps to remember:

  • Turn off your car and place it in park - After an accident, drivers often panic, and forget to secure their vehicle. You would be shocked at how many drivers hop out of their car only to have it start dangerously rolling down the street. Please make sure your car is off, in park, and haw the emergency brake engaged.
  • Call 911 - Even if you think all parties are uninjured, its best to call the police. They are trained to help drivers through situations like this and can give you specific instructions.
  • Take pictures and videos – Pictures and videos of the scene will help tremendously when it comes to getting you paid as much as possible.
  • Exchange information - Be sure to get information from the other drivers, including name, contact information, insurance information, license plate, and description of the vehicle.
  • Contact a lawyer. Even if you have not been injured, contact a lawyer. Consultations are free at almost all law firms and a quick call can end up earning your thousands of dollars.

What Not to do After an Accident

It may sound strange but there are also some key things you should avoid doing after your car accident. Often making one of the following mistakes can hurt your case, potentially costing your thousands.

  • Do not admit fault (even if you think you are at fault). The law here can get complex and determining fault is not as clear as you might think. BUT one guaranteed way to lose money on your case is to accidently admit guilt. Simply saying “sorry” can be seen as an admission of guilt. We see clients every day, who are not at fault, lose $ for over a small mistake like this.
  • Do not talk to the insurance company. While you will need to tell your insurance company, you should never speak to the OTHER DRIVERS insurance company. If they call you, hang up. If they send you letters, do not answer. They will do everything in their power to try and trick you to admit guilt… they make a living on tricking inoocent people to make mistakes. You are best off ignoring their calls and speaking with a lawyer.
  • Do not ignore medical treatment. It is important to seek medical help immediately. The full extent of your injuries may not become evident until days or weeks later. If you put off visiting your doctor or fail to follow their instructions, it will be very hard to get full compensation for your medical bills.
  • Do not wait to seek legal advice. I know, this one sounds self-serving. But it really is true. Even with this guide, and all of the free legal advice we have on our website, the law gets complicated. You really do need a professional to help you navigate it all. BUT, lawyers almost always give free consultations so there is no-risk and no obligation in calling.

Getting PAID The Most

To really get the most $$$ - you need to hire an experience car accident attorney. They know every step, every trick, and every rule necessary in order to get the most out of your accident.

We’ll make it easy – call TopDog Law at 800-215-7211 now. Even if we are not in your state, we are more than happy to tell you if you have a case, and then point you to a reputable lawyer who can help.

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